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According to my intuition, this steem will indeed meet its glorious period in 2020. And I am grateful, I know about this steem, Although it is not the initial generation of steams. I just knew steem on July 22, 2019 yesterday. Maybe too late, but late is okay than never. Not even three months. But the experience that I got in this short amount of time made me sure that in this steem there are many opportunities, opportunities, even luck. Everyting to make fortune day, Tomorrow, in Better Steem.

I see, achievements that might be approved in cryptocurrency, as social media are very advanced. I analogy and assume like my account @wongbraling, I started at Steem with Steem Power for only 87 SP. And after almost three months this can reach more than 400 STEEMs. That makes me even more certain, that wrestling STEEM is something that is potential, logical, and can be measurable.
With the pattern that I applied, with a high enthusiasm to actively post massive and make content in the world of steem can be obtained to produce 100 STEEM. Of course it's a very important thing economically. Especially tomorrow, the compilation of STEEM prices towards its peak.

I am happy with information I get about #Steem2020 contest from @pennsif like perform in this link :

and this :

I have a simple idea. welcome to 2020. I hope and have plans to build a STEEM community in my area. In my picture, I have a STEEM community with up to 100 members who all work together to raise the community. Indeed, not everyone understands how cryptocurrency or digital money works, so it needs serious effort related to the socialization of STEEM. I, to this day, have just managed to encourage a number of people to build their respective steams, and there are only a few namely @yebe, @aryceppy, @ alesya12, @saesanget, and most recently @denbaguse.

Actually I have successfully completed the curation accounts needed to provide support to community members so that steemians cannot overcome and difficulties to create posts and content with the support of community members. Like I have prepared dozens of accounts like @activisteem @steembiosis @opsteemactio and dozens of other accounts. I want all members of the community to take shelter in the large @indowhale account that I have also prepared and @steembassy as a the Embassy of The Community.

In my mind, compilation every month I can add 100 Steem Power, so until the end of December 2020 my steem power can reach 1800 Steem power and maybe even more than 2000 STEEM POWER. With the existing steem strength, my priority is certainly to support the community to grow and develop, provide assistance, share information and also curate.

I really want in the next few months, in 2020 I can help the growth and development of community members use me. If you can by helping to create a new account for interested people and new members. And it can not be denied, requires a fairly large steem budget. Assuming 3 STEEMs for one account, I need about 30 STEEM every month to create a new account for community members so that by the end of 2020 as many as 120 community members can be formed.

And if I win in this contest in first place, and get 120 STEEM. I will used it to build for 40 person new account of my community and make it for 4 months @10 person per-month. So if I get this prize in first January, so in April 2020 will created 40 member of the community of @indowhale. And payout from votes from the @oracle-d account - 100% upvote for 1st place will used for sampe purpose like that too.
The rest, in the following month I will use the prizes from the contest that I participated in to help my friends own and build their respective steams. I, like yesterday got 10 STEEM prizes in @stephenkendal contest about I love STEEM campaign and I gave them to friends as a steem account gift for them, 10 steems from @stephenkendal became 3 accounts for friends.

Each month provides information on 10 potential community members, information about cryptocurrency, wallets, exchanges and STEEM and presents them with one account each. After that, you can exchange information on how to create quality, quality content and post articles. And that all requires a process. This was done simultaneously, continuously regularly every month.

Each month there are 10 new Steem community members, and the year-end target is 120 members. we support every day making one to three post content.

I think, try and my plan above is a measurable thing. It's not something big, more than 120 steem users who actively create content can boost the image of steem in the future, so steem is better known, closer, and more used by special cryptocurrency activists and social media activists in general.



Maksudnya apa sih mas pur?

buat konten rencana gimana caranya mengembangkan steem di tahun 2020. membuat rencana tahap demi tahap, tiap bulan, menentukan target dan capaian untuk mendukung agar steem lebih berkembang di tahun 2020

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Thank you for your entry in the Steem2020 contest.

You are doing great work there.