Go vote for Steem on HackerNoon if you haven't yet

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For those of you who have not yet taken part in the voting and would like to get a little more attention on Steem, please take the time to add your voice to the Hacker Noon Social Network of the Year awards that they are running. It takes less than 10 seconds to do.

While Steemit.com has held the first position most of the time, with 10 days left Gab has taken the lead and that is just silly.

For those who have some stake here, getting the word out is useful marketing and while it is unsure how many people will see the results, it only really takes the right people to pay attention. It won't take too many votes to take the lead as there are not many voters.

These kinds of things are not mainstream but often get cited in various mainstream publications and often the people who pay attention to them are already interested in tech, crypto, blockchain and the like so, are potentially easy onboards.

Go vote.

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Done! Always love voting for Steem.

Cheers mate.

Casted mine to steemit!


nice. thanks.

Done. I will try and share.

Excellent :)

IDK supp with their voting system but on different browser Steemit is placed differently. On chrome it's first, on brave second, on opera fifth.... the fuck?

Weird. Showing 2nd on chrome for me.

Just looked for it on both chrome and brave, both show similar chart for me


Brave and as of now all other browsers

Yes! Who doesn't love to vote for STEEM!!?

Many it seems :D

But, those who understand, do.

Voting done my friend!

awesome. Thanks.

My pleasure Sir!

I thought I had voted already but was able to vote again! Always good to get to the top and be more visible to the general public!

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The right eyes can spread something very far and, no one knows what channel those eyes are looking at - best try them all.

Please, don't use the tag SteemLeo for contents of this type. You might know that already for a power user of steem. ;)

I posted through the front end, that is why the last tag is there. Should have been on PAL :)

I was able to vote twice that’s why Gab is in the lead, lots of spam votes lol


most likely, they might be dirtgabs. ;D

Voted Last week. Never heard of this gap site....aaannnnndd not going to check it out either.




Done and resteemed. I’ve never even heard of gab before.

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I have heard of it but have never been interested enough to check it out.

Is gab the neonazi social media site?
I thought they were like at around 11k based on website traffic. They shouldnt come close to steemit.

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I think it is one of those "free" ones but unsure.

No. Gab is a non censoring platform. That is the reason so many neonazi (?) content can be seen there.

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The problem with non censorship platforms is that mainly fringe characters gather there.
People think non censorship platforms are the future. They are deluded.
A normal guy posting cat videos doesnt care about that.
What we need is a community moderated platform and that will happen hopefully one day with Steem or Dtube.

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Voting for Steemit as Social Network of the year is like voting for Seat Panda for Urban Car of the year just because you own one

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It is different if you own the company. You might be a user, I am an investor.

Let me rephrase it:

Voting for Steemit as Social Network of the year because you own STEEM tokens is like voting for Banana for Fruit of the year just because you own a few in your kitchen

If you own bananas, you probably quite like them, so voting for them as fruit of the year makes sense.

How about completing this one:

Being on Steem and complaining about it constantly is like...

I have not compained about anything. I have only stated that being in one social network doesn't make it the best one. The same about owning that social network tokens. And noone whould feel pushed into voting for that social network just because they are using it or owning their tokens.

I do use Murmur and although it looks it is the only app similar to Twitter which offers rewards and it is censorhip-free, I would not vote for it if that was the case.

I have only stated that being in one social network doesn't make it the best one.

This is a bit of a silly statement as for the people who actually prefer one platform over another, it is the best one. I far prefer Steem over any other that I have ever been on and, perhaps that is because I have the ability to own part of it.

And noone whould feel pushed into voting for that social network just because they are using it or owning their tokens.

People are free to do as they please. If they feel pushed, that is completely on them as there is not one person who can verify f they vote or not.

werent we first already? darn it!!!

Casted my vote for Steemit!

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Voted! Would be cool if Steemit won!

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