Get some free Steem marketing and advertising value. Go vote.

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While I participate, I normally don't share these voting lists but I think now is a great time to garner any good publicity possible for Steem. While there is much more to Steem than Steemit, bringing people into any gateway is better than not.


Hacker Noon is running a voting poll and it is about as simple as anything to do, so go and cast your vote here

As a community we should be able to get support for these kinds of things quite easily, but often we don't know about them. Remember, we are able to spread the word fast here if we choose.

While it is very hard to know what the net effect of these are, it is such an easy way to get involved with promotion that it is a no-brainer move to participate. While it might not onboard the masses, one never knows if one of the people who does get onboarded through one of these is the person who will create something that does onboard them.

Go vote.

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(easy to do still needs doing)


+400 votes since I did it 4 hours ago.

Yeah, moving fast. Let's see how it goes.

Thank you for letting us know about this. Have cast my vote for what it's worth. Would love to know the results. Happy steeming.

Yep, hopefully it gets some attention somewhere.

Voted, you have my vote and I will share 💕

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Wasn't so painful, was it? :)

Not really even my slow connection let me in 😁💕

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My connection is very fast - the problem for me is my mind is slow.

You can use mine for a while 🤣

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Ten second task complete. How did you hear about the poll?

I saw a post about it by @matt-a (which is now a featured post)

Looks like we jumped past reddit since i voted. Nice.

excellent. Top of the list.

Easy... got my vote \m/


Upvoted for visibility and will resteem.

@adsup a division of @adsactly

Thank you very much :)

last vote total =798.. voted!

1077 now. Would be nice if we crushed it.

+1.. now 1195 :)

One of the many things I love about Steem and the community as a whole. People promoting others. I think this is super awesome of you to do.

It is a great part of the community and it is pretty cool to be able to promote others and see them benefit.


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I’ve done already! Thanks for sharing this!

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more spread the better :)


Cheers mate, hope you are keeping well.

Voted, Steemit FTW :)


It had the little crown thing when I clicked the button.

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I think that makes us Princesses :)

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Gonna vote later, power to Steem blockchain.

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Literally takes 5 seconds.

Done! Would be a great way to get us more closer to the spotlight given the others sharing the list of nominees.

Yep, and I think that HN is pretty well recognized so who knows who's eyes will fall on it.

Vote casted for #steemit ❎😊

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oh, you voted Steemit?? ;D

Are you gonna make me doubt that now? 🤔 😂 😂

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Easy enough.

Pretty painless.