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Yesterday I was writing about relevancy and how important it is for Steem communities to make people feel relevant, and this is especially done by connecting them to the people and content that is relevant to them. This is what communities are looking to provide the ecosystem and hopefully the content and discussion that comes out of some of them is the type of thing that people will be willing to unashamedly share in their other media channels.


While I think this is slowly changing, one of the problems that Steem has suffered from is that people do not seem overly willing to share content from the platform externally. I am not sure if it is because it is crypto-backed and that comes with negative connotations for some people or, if it is because there are financials in play that are open to the public and that makes people wary. Especially since, this is the internet.

For example, in order to know what Pewdiepie earns one would have to read a magazine that estimates it, but for the average monetized YouTuber, that information is very unavailable. There are pros and cons to this, with one "con" being someone like @jerrybanfield who claims all kinds of internet and life prowess, yet apparently is barely capable of managing his own large debt liabilities and life.

Because of the lack of transparency, people base their opinion on what they see and I think that Steem suffers in some way from being able to see everything. Who really wants to invite their friends in here to a place where not only is their wallet and complete history available to search, all of the worst the platform has to offer is also on display? It can be a hard sell, especially when the brilliance that also resides here is drowned in the oceans of shite.

But, the Tribes and communities should be able to better serve their content niches through various kinds of moderation that encourages the quality and attractive content into the light, and dims the light on the rest. While people will feel that this is authoritarian - they would be right.

The thing with communities is that they are founded by individuals who can govern them as they please, however there is nothing stopping anyone else from making the same kind of community in an attempt to poach users. In fact, when it comes to most topics there is space for many multiples and adjacent of the same niche, as long as they can attract enough audience. I picture it like a city or state that has many newspapers that cover many of the same topics, but appeal to different segments of the population.

But, the massive benefit of multiple side-by-side communities is that they can leverage each other's content in various ways, meaning that the best of it gets multiple instances pushed out into the blockchain and the greater internet. This of course happens on other platforms already where there are sites that cater to certain forms or collections of sharable content. For example, while some work might be suitable for Twitter or Facebook like an article, another might be better for Instagram like a photo or meme. Reddit might welcome them all.

What I envisage happening in the future of communities is that rather than individuals alone resteeming, the community are going to bring content in from other sources to better service their user base, and the user base will of course do the same. This means that a conversation for example about politics could be supported by sharing Steem based content directly into the flow of the conversation, or memes as the case may be, without breaking the flow of the discussion.

Layer an SMT on top of this and the shared content can earn from multiple sources simultaneously without the creator even having to be in the room - or know of the room. Multiply this out to hundreds of interface sources nodes and million of users, and a highly dynamic environment would be quickly created where rewards of all kinds can be collected based on the popularity of content through monetized shares, with potentially the person who does the haring taking a piece of the token pie from the share that they made.

And because this is blockchained, there will be a reference to every shared instance that has been made that all ties back to the original instance, no matter where it was created in the ecosystem. This means that for content creators, it doesn't matter where they create it, it matters what they create and where their audience uses it.

There are many possible configurations for the way an application views the blockchain data and serves it to their audience, and a lot of this is going to be trial and error to match method to user. However, the more trial that happens, the leaner, cleaner and less error-prone the process becomes. It is going to be very interesting to see what kinds of design UI and UX experts could deliver in order to maximize user experience and business viability.

Unfortunately for me, I am not a designer nor coder, so have to satisfy myself through the use of my imagination alone. That is ok for me at this point, but I am hoping that in the not too distant future I will be able to get my hands dirty with a group of people who know how to build. But, all creations start from a thought and translated into words before development starts - I don't mind performing the first two.

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Twitter share to out there

I'd never really thought much on the tribes in that way, but I think you're right. I share my smallholding content on a Facebook page and recently switched to using the natural medicine tribe link rather than the steemit link, as the tribe interface should be more relevant all around. Because people can now sign up for an account via that interface I think it could feel more approachable for people whose interest lies in that area, without being put off by trying to find their interest amongst everything else on the chain. Also, they should be able to avoid most of the bickering and politics which might put them off.

Yep, onboarding should be smoother and cleaner for new users and they don't have to ever be drawn into the old school of Steem nonsense. This gives the communities and tribes much better ownership experience and freedom.

Thanks mini for using the tribe link. This warmed my heart. Xx

You're welcome. I think it benefits us all.

Gosh you've got eagle eyes. I didn't even tag anyone! 😆

Ha, mere coincidence I saw it!!! Xx (not stalking promise!)


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You're a seasoned writer, I guess I also qualify as good too imagine having a group of people who are really great writers in one community and even more, I'm envisaging how this would seem like in 2020 for steem

I think it is going to be about the spread and distribution of content in demand that has value, in the same way it is for STEEM itself.

Help me brother

Have you been kidnapped?

My thoughts exactly... should we be alarmed?

I haven't heard anything back, so I think I should contact interpol.

Was there anything else, like a hidden code?

I got a discord message asking for ransom in Bitcoin, but I am not going to pay it until there is Proof of Life.

It is insightful

I am glad that you got a great deal out of it and it was worth your time to read and ponder with care.

Hello Taraz. I'm new to steem but have been on youtube for a long time. Having just started here its amazing how much contact is freely given by members of the steem board. I've been on you tube for over ten years and i think i've been contacted once when i accidentally did something against there copy write infringements and they gave me a telling off. Not a word about the other 150 odd videos i've made but not done a thing wrong. So i would defiantly say steem has made me feel more welcomed which in turn has help me improve, (I hope). Even though i have nothing to hide about my youtube history or earnigs, which is £0 by the way I would still say steem its defiantly a better more honest place to be, And i've only been here a month.

Welcome to Steem.

I think that as people start to realize what you have the user growth will increase and so will the viewership potential. This takes time of course, but in the meantime it is worth getting the word out that there is always a home that is censorship resistant and empowers the user base to own and interact together.

It's true what you're saying. Especially the fact that people aren't really active on sharing Steemit posts.
Communities help us bring out the best of this platform.

nice to meet you, I'm BOI

Interesting insights.

And because this is blockchained, there will be a reference to every shared instance that has been made that all ties back to the original instance, no matter where it was created in the ecosystem.

Yes! Accountability, plus credit and rewards also go to the original creator.

... the community are going to bring content in from other sources to better service their user base, and the user base will of course do the same.

I agree. Content will have multiple "natural flows" to where it's relevant/appreciated.

On this note, having a feature that allows mods/admins to resteem stuff to their communities sounds like a good suggestion to make.

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