UPDATE: Rumor That Justin Sun Is Buying SteemIT is Still Alive and well!

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Some months back there was a rumor going around that Justin Sun might be in the process of buying Steemit. The rumors have calmed down over the past few weeks but a recent tweet has rekindled those rumors.

Is it a coincidence that Ned Scott reweeted the Justin Sun tweet or have the rumors been true all along. We won't have to wait long to find out as the tweet says the big TRON announcement will be announced soon (Valentines Day).

Notice who retweeted

ORACLE, Steemit Already Partnered With Tron (TRX), But No One Is Talking About It


Mars Finance APP (WeChat: hxcj24h) reported on the front line that on December 9, according to people familiar with the matter, it was revealed to Mars Finance that Tron is about to acquire the blockchain project Steemit. Five days ago, Sun Yuchen, the founder of TRON, revealed on Weibo that two recent mergers and acquisitions have been completed.

Source: https://news.huoxing24.com/20191209235130489696.html

Past Article Reporting The Orginal Rumor:

Steemit Has Been Sold?? (Articles & Source Provided)

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Maybe that is why the price has been going up?

Its possible but its hard to know for sure.

It might be a coincidence. I hope that this news pushes the Steem price up.


OK, so it's not just a coincidence. @ned just tweeted his decision to sell Steemit. I hope people can separate Steem from Steemit in their minds and we can move forward.

It will be interesting times over the next few weeks.

From my understanding Steemit owns allot of rights such as the STEEM name. They also have a controling share of the token. Those things all now belong to TRON which more or less gives him control over STEEM.

For example, if he so choose to, the new owner could use his witness votes to appoint new top witnesses. I'm not saying that will happen but its a concern of some.

It's all up in the air at the moment, but I hope, like most smart business people that he leaves things as they are for the most part. Or at least introduces a lot more transparency, regular updates about what's going on, future developments and so forth.

From what I been reading, that's not the plan. It seems to me the plan is to do a token swap and move Steem(it) over to the TRON network.

So does that mean we need to power down or what?

More information should come out today.

As for powering down / buying / selling, no-one knows for sure.

Here is the medium announcement post.

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Isn't it because Ned is always so fking slow to anything? xD

If this ends up being true, hopefully we can get him to start playing Splinterlands and promoting the game to attract more people. There is a scarcity of human players at the Gold league and below right now.

From my understanding, TRON is heavy on gaming.

Wow, thanks for this.
Putting in another buy order!!

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