is biology not science?

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I honestly do not understand the negative vote of @stemgeeks and @nostem4u in my last post.
Is biology not science? Many of my posts have scientific information about species, maybe they should be more careful when using the word science and be more specific.

Communities are great at Steem, however, monopoly over specific labels can be dangerous, with a group that determines only at its own discretion, if something belongs or is censored on a specific issue.

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 2 years ago 

The downvote only hides and removes STEM rewards it does not touch your Steem rewards.

That being said, it is not a photography community, it is about STEM tokens, while a bird is related to science, taking a picture of one really isn't.

The flag isn't judging if your post is good or bad, it is moderating the community so it is on topic. I purposely keep the account with very low Steem Power so it only hides it from the community and not on Steem.

I checked the post in question and I think you are justified for the down vote. The post is more of photography and less of science.

I very much appreciate your response. Honestly the reward is not important. I think the key point is censorship and the definition of what you appreciate as science, and the bias that this can generate. A photograph by itself is not science, but it is when it is accompanied by relevant context and information. Open any scientific magazine and tell me if I'm wrong. From that concept, then, should we remove all photographs and illustrations from journals and scientific publications? Same images that someone had to make and put them in context. While doing science is often a difficult task, transmitting scientific knowledge should be easy and entertaining to make information accessible to many people, photography is a tool for this purpose.
I am a biologist, scientist, researcher, but no title matters if you cannot share it with everyone.

 2 years ago 

You were not censored, your post is very visible here

You are more than welcome to post in STEMGeeks and I encourage it. But just dropping a photo of a bird isn't going to be on-topic and not what we are looking for. It is my community and I can moderate it how I please. It is a niche community and if I allow anything and everything it becomes worthless. If I don't moderate then the token will be worthless in no time.

A microscope is used in science, but a picture of a microscope isn't science.

Not that kind of censorship to which I refer, but your negative vote in some way it is. I really appreciate being able to discuss this issue with you, I fully understand your point of having to moderate and take care of the community, but that brings me back to my initial concern and I hope you understand me, from now on, the topic and the science tag has become the property of a community, just as in the future, can be religion or politics tags, for example. Having said that,, I think you do an excellent job, communities must grow. I just want to leave that little doubt in the air, of something that could bring problems in the future and that maybe we can improve.

 2 years ago 

I don’t own the tag. Nothing you do has been harmed in anyway except what is on my site and my token.

Your rewards haven’t changed. Your visibility hasn’t changed. You may not even known even existed.

That is the only place it is affected.

P.D: A microscope is science.😂👍🏻

I think he's justified for down voting based on the fact that the post is more of photography than science. The accompanying words are mere descriptions and nothing scientific about it. Just take it on the chin and move on

Man, forget it, I'm not looking for a conflict at all. Just discuss ideas and doubts, that makes science and I guess this is the goal of this community. I am very grateful that you took the time to answer my messages.

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