Interesting trend on Steem related sites and post ranks high on Google

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Being the number loving geek that I am, I tend to keep an eye on stats for steem related stuff.  As the 3rd quarter of the year has just finished, I thought I would share with you some of the charts I have been following.

These charts relate to traffic for July to Sept.  Growing a website's traffic requires work.  Anyone that has a website will know, build it and they will come, does not hold true in most cases.  An effort is required, inbound marketing is a necessity.  And of course, when it comes to a content site, good or bad SEO can have a major impact. posts wrank high Google

Just before I share the charts, seems I mentioned SEO, I was doing a little research on Steemit.coms SEO.  It's really amazing the things that pop up.  Getting a page 1 ranking with Google is a great achievement.  Getting a post in the top 3 on page 1 is even more fantastic and hats off to all the steem users that have achieved this.  The majority of Steemit.coms traffic comes from Google searches.  They are content consumers looking for answers to questions.  The steem wallet holders only account for a small portion of steemits traffic.

organic traffic growth to from Ubersuggest

So what sort of content from steem do you think could achieve a number 1 spot on Google?  Have a bit of fun with this, try some Google searches yourself.  If nothing comes to mind, why don’t you google this -  what is masterbation - and where steemit ranks.

Anyway enough of the wanking, its time to take a look at the charts.




Charts were taken from

Many of the charts share the same trend. Can you spot it?  Something happened in September.  I wonder what!  A few sites don’t follow the trend such as Steemmonsters and  Steemmonsters is not a content site, all the others are.  I think I know myself what happened  - so I am going to make a prediction.  October will see a further downturn on traffic to the content related sites.  it won't be so drastic for, in fact, they might see an increase and so will steemmonsters.


I usually just google now, to find my old posts. Easier than trying to search in a condenser.
I'm top result for - Sudoku without numbers - currently, which is pretty cool. Particularly as its 3 years old.

Same here - google is faster than writing a line of SQL if I have an idea on the title of the post I'm looking for.

I'm guilty of not using html and siding with markdown though, which for my (mostly Steem related) material is not a huge deal.

The 3rd bookmark I made on

I think Jerry made a few posts too, and it could well be time to encourage those posting about topics outside of Steem to try and make their articles more visible on Google.

It is becoming very boring the steem sites lately...I wonder how we can motivate people to keep being active and positive...

by not downvoting legit content

Since HF I get at least 2 downvotes on each post. From accounts whose votes are worth nothing. Not sure what that's about.

Visit my world someday!

Hmm, so isn't even rising despite the recent change. Oh dear.

oh dear is right. But with the mail shot that went on this month, I think that will have a short term impact on the traffic.

Hmm. Some of my previous number one hits are no longer number one hits.

I hear Cliff Richard is planning another White Christmas...

I'm trying really hard to decipher this code talk of yours.

You started it!

Hit.... record, anyway :)

I noticed some shifts too. Google did make some changes in Aug.

Well, there wasn't much of a chance people would search those terms. Much of my work can't be searched because I create it from scratch, including words and names. My content plays a different role here. People come for what they searched for, then hopefully stick around and discover my distractions away from their lives, and that hopefully keeps their eyes around a little longer. I also share my work around in special places though. I really miss Stumbleupon. I used to bring in thousands of outside views with that.

a lot of content on steem is not searched out. Trending is full of steem related stuff and most of this is not searched. Community posts, not searched. Hay guess what I did yesterday.....not searched. Your content...not searched. We need more posts on the topics that are searched. I dropped a list in a comment further below. they are the things we should be posting about.....

My brand can be searched. All roads to this entity lead here. Search 'NoNamesLeftToUse'. Hit the images tab as well. I won't be stopping art production and switch over to generic information for hits production. I can't do anything with that sort of material after.

heheheh awesome. And yep, I couldn't really see you doing much generic content. But i am sure there are plenty of authors here that can and would do more of it with a little encouragement.

I agree. I am not the key the fits inside that lock but there are plenty of others who could open that door.

for my own brand and website I have a few number 1 rankings and I have a number of featured snippets. I put a lot of time and effort into the articles to get the ranking and traffic. its very generic. I was not using steem for it because, well when I tried at first, it was not noticed or appreciated.

I could do some of these posts exclusive for steem and I have considered it in the past. Maybe I will reconsider, for the love of steem (hmmm did I just say that?)

SEO is a HUGE factor of what content creators bring to steemit. It is where nearly ALL of the new members and traffic comes from. Just understanding the basics of SEO can have a huge impact on the exposure of your articles outside of the steemit community.

a massive factor, can you see any reason most steem content sites tanked in sept and didnt 😜?

any (new) word on canonical links?

nope, I am checking the source code of posts daily so I will know when its done

The majority of Steemit.coms traffic comes from Google searches. They are content consumers looking for answers to questions.

Do we know what type of questions?

Do we need to write blogs that answer questions?

Yes we do know what type of questions - what is masterbation

On a serious note, yes we should be writing answers to these questions, long tail keywords, long-form posts. What are people searching for, well current trending topics are always good for short term traffic. Finding out what are the top landing pages on steemit would give us a good answer. Google analytics would be best for that but only steemit inc would have access to that info. Other sites that show top landing pages im not to sure are fully up to date. But I am working on it :-)

No idea what masterbation is, masturbation, maybe :)

Get to work, and @steemit, tell us what is driving the traffic so we can lure.

did you know commonly miss spelled words do awesome on google, but I don't think that would be a commonly miss-spelled word??????

I did not :)

Oh yeah, less competition for them!

Do you know of any other questions besides those two questions?

nope, nothing worth talking about. Unless of course, you want to expand on 'why do footballers cut their socks' or a few other random crazy things steemit ranks high on.


if you are wanting to write on a topic.. even satirically ... doing a search using each of the 5Ws will produce a list of related searches... may give you a focal point to make it your usual content with a search hook

i find duckduckgo is much nicer to steem than google (imho). But probably they dont have analysis tools like goolag.

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This is so interesting (...and funny reading the comments). I searched for my own handle and the results were interesting: Steemit was nowhere.

To search my posts on Steemit, I use SteemPeak which has some useful features for sorting. That's said, what I tend to do is use my WP blog which is much more userfriendly and from which I post to Steemit.