BeemPy Post Test

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First go.

Using markup text and HTML.

Trial and Error a lot.

After trying Beem with Python I decided to use Beempy instead. Using Python directly resulted in one error after the other. No wallet created, where I did use BeemPy to do so. And I'm not used to Python. Back to BeemPy, because it seems to work. Updated the node list with the current working ones. Next wanted to do a first post. Using Bash Scripts worked so far. Then another error. A file was expected.

Uploaded and image to the IPFS system of GlobalUpload dot IO to see if that works too. As I would like to use IPFS with this. So for now this textfile is ready, I mix of Markdown, HTML and a link to an image stored in IPFS. Wonder how this gets transported to the Steem blockchain.

All of this is going to take more time than I expected. But it helps to speed up things later. So here goes nothing...

Have a great one!

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