One of STEEM competitors just died.

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This was an old project that i think nobody expected to die like that within a day with no signs of anything going wrong. But this is crypto, you never can be sure what happened.

AMP is an old coin (5 years old) that even was at Poloniex at one point and it had HyperSpace blogging platform connected to it where you were also earning from votes on your posts.

It looked and worked different than Steemit - but the main part. You couldn't withdrawal as they were saying they will open withdrawals later.

Most of you don't know but initially on STEEM when it launched we also been earning but for 1 month or more (don't remember) it also was not possible to withdrawal. Here it took years though and now its dead and we still cant withdrawal. The coin is dumped almost to zero though so who cares.


I was posting there sometimes but not too often still after this year+ added up to a bit.

AMP Markets


If you have any left you have just 1 exchange to dump and who knows if deposits even still work.

Letter from them AMP/HyperSpace:

So if for so many years they couldn't open withdrawals on platform something is wrong.

Okay, to be fair i know the portal didn't exist for 5 years, but sounded more dramatic.


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whats SPUD :D

Spud = steem power up day 😉

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Check out the latest post on it @kingscrown


#spud #spud7

Take care and Love your Work btw!!

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I don't think Steem has a viable competitor at the moment. I've given up on whaleshares and weku which were the only two that seemed promising enough to try but it's pretty clear to me that they aren't going anywhere. Steem has had its problems but it's still a step above the rest.

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Weku lol. That thing was pathetic. I think I still have 3 or 4 accounts on that shitty little platform.

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STEEM is by far the best option from what's out there so far. With a little work and more marketing it could be a success but who knows. At least it's more than just a blogging site and can cover so many areas for people to use. Either way it's interesting to watch it all develop from the ground up.

Expecting more coins to be shutdown near term. There is no reason to have so many altcoins!!!! I predicted this in 2017

Damn, I was posting there a while back and forgot all about them, there site sucked lol

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I wonder how much money was lost on this?

On HyperSpace, zero. As people were unable since the beginning to deposit, so all the AMP tokens over there were from Synereo.

On WildSpark, which was silently shutdown, all of them, as they provided wallets for people to deposit or withdraw.

Any way, Synereo only intentions since the beginning were to burn the money.

dont forget about people who been buying AMP on exchanges and believing it will go up and development will happen... those lost the most

Of course.

dont think i heard about that one till now

its like hearing about artist after he died ;)

Wow, I never heard of this one, but I did here of Synero, nothing good though. I remember waiting for the Steem payout. I joined in May '16 and the first payout was July 4th '16 (Steemdependence day :-))


yay oldschool geek!

It is pretty unreal in my mind. People invested a lot of time and effort into some of these projects and I remember when STEEM came out in 2016 and there were issues people were talking heavily about how Synereo and Akasha were around the corner.....etc. Akasha makes me sick for all the mis information in their news letters acting like Ethereum could handle a blogging platform..... of course it has always been a road to nowhere. Synereo always seemed to be rebranding and never had a proper economic model.

In my opinion WhaleShares shot themselves in the foot going to pure tipping. They have destroyed their increasing SEO funnel in my opinion. WEKU seems primarily like a SCAM but I still post there. BearShares has too big of a supply and other issues but I'm still posing there encase. VIT has no liquidity

Not sure what happened with Smoke. Scorum seems to be one of the only projects out there that still has liquidity to a decent exchange even though it is small and there is still some activity around the project.

It has been rough on all these projects.

Remember ONO?

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Yeah, it seriously seemed like they were working on something and again it is like nothing came of it.

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hey, thanks. i will surely read on this!

I appreciate it man, and please take this as a way of building bridges, I believe if we all work together to empower and encourage small and new users, it will only bring benefit to steem in the long term.

i surely dont like fights but if im attacked i usually stand up for myself! building bridges is always better than burning them.

 2 years ago 

Been posting there, but figured it was not going to survive when no withdraws were possible.

indeed man, indeed!

Farewell to another shitcoin. It won't be missed.

Pensaba que era Weku

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Rip, then rip, then Facebook rip

so my 32 AMP are gone :D

100% :D

I guess they got sick of everyone in Discord calling them incompetent over and over. Didn't expect it to go out like this with no notice. I told them if they're failing I'd help them get set up with the Steem.

that would be amazing actually! i didnt join discord so im not aware of any dramas or so. i try to avoid dramas as much as possible

never ever heard of that one.


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All hail to the steem

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I was with this coin for has some wild rides..the wildspark product was actually very interesting(but terrible name)...very sad ending.

It’s quite telling when a project can actually be shut down. Projects like AMP, Sola, etc. It’s funny that they referred to it as decentralized in the press release about unilaterally pulling the plug.


They could still come to Steem.

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good info

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Who will be next?

Just wait for Facebook Libra.

You nailed it! 😊

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