[Weekly Report #5] --> No compromised accounts in the past 7 days ✔️

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Accounts recovered in the past 7 days:


Good job everyone!

Take plenty of sleep and keep your private keys away from your clipboard.   =]

Keep your accounts and funds safe. Steem on!

My previous report: https://steemit.com/steem/@keys-defender/5gwj4f-weekly-report-2-1-compromised-account-s-successfully-recovered

What's does this bot do?

@keys-defender immediately auto-posts an article when and active or owner key has been compromised by its owner.
The post is published only after transferring the compromised funds into their owner's savings for the former and only after resetting all keys for the latter.

In the case of leaks of private posting or memo keys in posts or comments this bot replies in less than a second warning the user about their leak. When a private key is leaked in a transfer (or any other operation) this bot sends out an immediate reply via memo transfer warning the user.

You can track new account recoveries following my wallet transfers here: https://steemitwallet.com/@keys-defender/transfers

Here instead you can find a more detailed explanation of all the activities performed by my bot and its future plans.

These will be developed in my free time (in parallel with other side projects I'm currently working on - eg. my free resteemers bots and my AI project).

Stay tuned!

A big thank you to to my generous delegators!!
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@june0620, @jaydih, @freebornsociety, @lifeskills-tv, @marcocasario (mine), ..

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Thanks, much appreciated! =]

Take care,
Gabe (@gaottantacinque)


Care to explain the $ 5 downvote?