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If you are reading this post, there is a decent chance you are already using the Brave browser

Brave was launched several years ago with the intent of giving the power back to the users.

It's based on the Chrome web browser but instead pays you for clicking on ads.

It works by showing a pop up in the corner every so often relating to an ad.

You, the user then has the option of ignoring or clicking the popup which will then display the ad.

Every time you display the ad you are credited with a small amount of BAT tokens.

Why does this matter?

It can be a nice boon for steem!

I have been using the Brave browser pretty much ever since they started paying you in BAT to use it.

I have selected to have ads pop up roughly every 12 minutes (5 per hour).

Every time I click on them I receive a small amount of BAT in my BAT wallet on Brave.

Just recently they enabled the ability for users to withdraw their BAT, and this is where things get interesting, especially as it relates to steem.

Just recently, I withdrew some of my BAT earnings, which was worth close to $100 at the time.

(not too shabby for clicking some ads on the internet!)

I then sold much of that for steem and went ahead and powered it up:


I plan on doing this every couple of months or so as my BAT inventory builds.

This is something we all can do to help support steem prices!

What I just did was not a lot of money, but imagine if users platform wide starting doing this...

It would be a way we could help drive some demand for steem, and we could do it mostly by just doing the same activities online we are already doing!

Sounds like an easy way to support steem!

What's more, if you decide you would also like to tip some of your favorite websites, is a verified creator on Brave.

Which means that some of your earnings from clicking ads can automatically be sent to the owners of, if you so choose.

Another way we can use Brave to help support Steem!

If you aren't currently using Brave already, go ahead and download it and start clicking some ads.

Before you know it, you will be able to use it to buy and power up more steem!

Stay informed my friends.

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Interesting idea. I use brave ever day on all my devices. Best browsers I have ever used and the built in ad-blocker is so much easier to use than the chrome add-ons.

I would probably do the same thing with brave earnings if not for having to utilize uphold. There are already too many companies with my personal information and they have been proven to have lax security with this key part of our lives.

For now I will hold/ reward websites that deserve it.

Yep, that is the trade-off. I feel just about all of these things are going to go this way eventually and uphold is probably better than most out there in terms of security, but as we have seen, just about everyone is vulnerable. Tipping still helps though.

Fully agree! See my other comment in this post

I was excited about Brave when first introduced, had it on my laptop and mobile and was mostly using it until they introduced their wallet, after signing up to their wallet which was, not sure if still is, on Uphold, they asked for the normal verification process then they asked for a selfie carrying the ID.

I asked them if it's possible to pass this part as I don't really trust online wallets to save that much of info, my local bank never asked for a selfie carrying the ID, only copy of the ID, and they insisted it's a must. Then I simply asked what are the guarantees their system won't be hacked, like every other system holding personal info of that much, and in case it does get hacked whether by outside hackers or inside leakers, how will they compensate me?

They blocked my account.

So, if you have no issues getting your ID and your selfie carrying it leaked by an insider or hacked by an Israeli company and sold to the Saudis who then would blackmail you, you can go ahead, I'm personally not comfortable with this new stupid security verification method.

Well, as I'm thinking about it now, maybe I'll consider sharing with them that much info if they will share with me their trade license copy, partners' list, copy of the ID of each partner and director with a selfie of him/ get carrying it... 🤔

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I don't see any of the latter happening for you.

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I don't expect it either.

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Yep 3rd Party KYC makes BAT and the whole privacy idea completely worthless. It's a good idea horribly executed. Brave without the shitcoin is a solid chrome fork, in my opinion,however.

There is not going to be any coin (with much value) that will legally be allowed to pay you AND let you withdraw without verification/KYC. It's just the way the world works and it won't be changing any time soon.

Outside the USA and in countries not under the FBI jurisdiction (control) that selfie thing is not required. Independent countries don't ask their citizens to sell their privacy for free to online sites, now you see them tomorrow they'll claim death in India or elsewhere and their heirs lose the password and information leaked, as usual. Can you name a single large site that collected too much info and wasn't hacked or leaked?

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Whether we agree with it or not is one thing, but that doesn't change the laws. If you want to participate in the crypto space (in the US), this is the direction things are going. Is it crappy that our data and privacy can be out there like that, sure, but there aren't a lot of other options.

Legally is what we make about it. A DAC can do whatever for example.

Until it is shut down and the creator charged with operating an illegal money transmitter business/exchange. We've already seen something like that happen:

I had it all the way back in beta but unfortunately the ads don't apply over here. Otherwise i would still be using it. Your main idea is brilliant for those people that can earn from it and hopefully it will be here at some stage too.

You said that you cashed out $100 so imagine 1000 users doing the exact same as you and pumping that into STEEM. It would definitely make a difference to the market price. I use publishox once a day to add some BAT to my account and plan to buy STEEM with it as well when it builds up a bit.

All of these little things add up into big ones over time. If you get enough people doing it then it makes a difference.

Yep, those are my thoughts as well. Get thousands of us all doing that and we could help give steem some demand.

But why not use BAT to directly support the STEEM platforms that you are already using within that brave browser?

Something I do is tip @steempeak every month and include them in the Brave Rewards auto-contribute. That way they get a portion of the 20BAT that I push out into the world.

Even with ads I only bring in about 15BAT a month so I am actively pushing 5BAT a month into the decentralized ecosystems that we all want to see grow, not robbing from peter (Brave ecosystem) to pay paul (STEEM ecosystem)

That is an option, and one I mentioned in my post. The difference is that it doesn't benefit you directly, just indirectly. It's not a bad idea overall though and still better than not doing it altogether, which is what I mentioned in the post.

Regarding your last comment...

There isn't a lot of demand coming in for the steem token. That is evidenced by the fact that it has fallen 99% from its high and continues to lose ground on coinmarketcap to other comparable coins. This is one way that at least some demand can come into steem without asking users to pony up more fiat. You can look at it as robbing peter to pay paul, but I look at it as being paid for the work you do one platform and using that payment to help support another project that you also believe in. IMO, steem needs a lot more help in that regard than Brave/BAT does.

BAT is worth > $350 million
Steem is worth $50 million

Not to mention BAT is one of the stronger altcoins this year, while steem is one of the weaker.

That is an option, and one I mentioned in my post. The difference is that it doesn't benefit you directly, just indirectly. It's not a bad idea overall though and still better than not doing it altogether, which is what I mentioned in the post.

This comment leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but I see where you are coming from.

If my BAT wallet starts to swell and a lot of the sites that I use regularly don't sign up as publishers for brave rewards, I may actually do the switch you are talking about here. Get more steem power and get some great posts the notice they deserve ;)

Plus I am a stakeholder in steem, I am not one in Brave/BAT, so I may be a bit biased. :)

I use Brave occasionally, and had no idea you could actually cash out the BAT tokens - I’m definitely going to make the effort to use it more now!

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Yes, this is a new feature. You have to verify your uphold wallet, but once you do that you can transfer the tokens out. A good way to pick up some more steem!

Hmm, KYC I guess? I sent a bunch of BAT to it a long time ago thinking it was like a wallet and realized they were locked there now, so maybe I'll bother withdrawing those at some point but not sure if I want to give people my info they can then leak after a hack here and there. :P

Yea, you have to verify with uphold before you can withdraw anything. Though the verification process was less invasive than some of these other places.. I mean I didn't have to give a social, blood, or semen sample at least... :)

Ah, I see you're familiar with

Unfortunately in Greece we are not allowed to see ads and be rewarded but it is a good idea to tip steemit website. If you do not know it, you can also tip twitter posts 😊
Thanks for sharing!!

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That is a bummer. But yes you can also send tips to which also helps our cause.

It the brave reward available on mobile? I assume most of your earnings we're made on PC, right?

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If you can click on ads on mobile, I would assume so?

I’ve been using brave for over a year and it wasn’t an option on my iPad until yesterday. Excited to earn BAT.


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Is anyone having issues playing steemmonster on Brave?

I usw brave too. It is gold idea. Please write a step by step instruction.

How long did it take you to actually get 100$? Really good post

Multiple months :) You won't earn much, but it's basically free money that can potentially be compounded via steem.

I've used Brave on some occasions as a secondary browser, but not often enough. The performance has been somewhat lacklustre compared to Firefox (or it might be my potato computer), but I'll definitely give Brave a go every once in a while :-)

Though I've not managed to get much BAT from Brave thus far using it. How've you been able to get $100 USD in ad viewing, and how long did it take you?

Multiple months :) You won't earn much, but it's basically free money that can potentially be compounded via steem.

Nevermind, you've answered this already :-)

That said, I'm still staggered that you've managed to earn that much.

I'd have to look back at the exact start date, but it's been basically since they launched the pay per ad view feature (which was several months ago) and it's been most days of ad clicking. If I am in front of a computer, I'm clicking ads.

Maybe I should start clicking ads too, since I've been avoiding doing just that :-)

Yep. Time to earn some BAT and then get some more steem!

I'm not huge on doing this simply because I don't like crossing streams in a way. Any of the "revenue" I make when clicking ads in Brave I put right back into the ecosystem to support publishers.

I've powered up my steem accounts directly by buying on exchanges and powering up.

In my opinion, this is a better way to support Steem rather than leeching off another crypto ecosystem.

Sure, but for people that don't have extra fiat available to purchase steem, this is a great way for them to do so.

I have done the same things after reading your post 3days ago. and till now i only received 3 ads in total. I have done setting as you mentioned that 5 ads per hours.
Can you give me idea that how can i view more ad for better reward?

That is odd. If you have selected the option to receive 5 ads per hour and are not seeing that, I am not really sure what to do. Is there a way to contact their support?

Thanks for reply. Now, i checked that and found something that May be in India their ads are not available. I not sure but i think this is the reason, why i not seen ads.

Ah I see. That is a bummer...

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