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RE: So, who's still around?

in #steem2 years ago

Stats are always healthy to ponder health of system, congratulations being selected in Daily @qurator firstly.

Historically one sees peaks more often than not, when certain regions in the world go wobbly like jelly with local fiat. When local currency indicates problems people turn to crypto, sadly this also attracts those who wish to earn a quick buck without putting in any effort, creating strange patterns sometimes revealed in graphs.

When any crypto has a good run FOMO reveals itself, hence so many "dead/unused accounts", leaving a door open should Steem grow exponentially you will suddenly see many accounts come to life.

I am human, enjoy interacting with others willing to be creative and share, gaming has never grabbed my attention nor did the bid-bots or any other idea, great to meet you @crokkon and thanks for collating indicators.

Games may become the lifeblood here with enthusiastic group supporting, it has been good to witness the ever changing blockchain technology settle down with many new ideas branching off still using Steem.