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In this article I am going to share a few tools that I find very useful in my day to day activities on the Steem blockchain.

This list is not intended to be entirely comprehensive and furthermore I am not affiliated whatsoever with any of the tool developers or distributors mentioned in this article.

If you would like a more comprehensive list of Steem-related tools I suggest that you check out Steem Projects and the Dapp Store:

You can also search GitHub with the terms 'Steem' and 'Steemit':


Part 1 (Web Browsers)


Brave Browser

First thing first I highly recommend using the privacy oriented Brave browser especially since the extensions listed below work with it very well but if you do not use Brave the extensions also work with the Chrome browser.

There may be versions of the extensions that work with Chromium, Firefox, Vivaldi and Opera but I have not investigated them with those browsers.

Find out more about Brave Browser here:

Note: Brave is available for Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, macOS and Linux 64-bit. There is no Linux 32-bit version of Brave available as of the time of this writing.

Note: There are also versions of Brave for Android and iOS.


ICE SSB (Site Specific Browser)

This is a Linux only tool built for PeppermintOS but it also works on different versions of Linux like Ubuntu, Arch, Mint and more.

For running ICE SSB on other versions of Linux besides PeppermintOS I highly recommend doing a web search on how to install it for your chosen Linux and what version of the software will work best for you.

Note: Version 5.3.0 seems to work well on other Linux versions but the newer versions may have problems that are not easily resolved.

The main GitHub repository for ICE SSB can be found here:

The various releases of ICE SSB can be found here:

A quick tutorial on using ICE SSB can be found here:

Although ICE SSB does not natively support the Brave Browser it does support Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi and Firefox. You can manually modify the shortcuts created by ICE SSB in the shortcut properties dialogue to be launched by Brave as follows:

chromium-browser --app=

brave-browser --app=

Note: Extensions do work in ICE SSB but keep in mind that their buttons will not be accessible. If they have a context (right-click) menu they will be available via right clicking.


Part 2 (Browser Extensions)


Steem Tools
Chrome/Brave Extension

This is a rather powerful extension with the following features:

Steem BlockChain Information
Steem Users Account Information
Steem Nodes Information
Steem Delegators
Steem Delegatees
Steem Downvoters
Show Resteems in Page
Context Popup Menu to Switch between Front-ends
Steem Js Console
Steem Witness Lookup
Reveal Steem Deleted Comments
Steem Powerdown Lookup
Send SBD/Steem to Multiple Receipents
Reputation Calculator
API/Steem Server Ping Tests

View all Steem Tools information on GitHub:

Get the extension from the Chrome Webstore:

There is also SteemIt Online Utilities
made by the same developer that can be found here:


Chrome/Brave Extension

This extension gets statistics regarding your own (or anyone's) followers on the Steem blockchain and renders the information in a bar graph.

View all Steemfollowers information on GitHub:

Get the extension from the Chrome Webstore:


Steem Keychain
Chrome/Brave Extension

This extension is a powerful Steem Wallet that includes the following features:

Store an unlimited number of Steem account keys, encrypted with AES.

View balances, transaction history, voting power, and resource credits.

Send STEEM and SBD transfers, manage witness votes, and update SP delegation.

Securely interact with Steem-based websites that have integrated with Steem Keychain.

Manage transaction confirmation preferences by account and by website.

Locks automatically on browser shutdown or manually using the lock button.

View all Steem Keychain information on GitHub:

Get the extension from the Chrome Webstore:


Chrome/Brave Extension

This extension adds many functions to Busy, Steemit and Utopian with the following features:

Both (Busy & Steemit)
Voting % slider (Ability to vote less than 100%)
Quick Switch between Steemit, Busy, Utopian and Steemd
Delegations details and actions
Account's value
Login via Steem Connect

1UP integration

Votes information (% and SBD values)
Rewards tab for pending and paid rewards
Feed+ : Filter your feed by tags, resteems, reputation and sorting options
User information
Wallet filters
Boost button (MinnowSupport integration)
Sticky Footer
Favorite users
SteemBoard Trophies
Offline Mode
Rank Badges with grades (Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whales)
Markdown visualizer (Side by side)
Votes tab
Mentions tab
Followers tab
Witness Tab
Steem Sincerity ( Classification of users : Human | Bot | Spammer | Pending )
Gif Picker
STEEM & SBD current USD value
Direct transfer to users

View all SteemPlus information on GitHub:

Get the extension from the Chrome Webstore:

Main SteemPlus website:


Part 3 (Standalone Apps)



eSteem is a standalone application developed for the following platforms iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

This application has the following features:

Surfing your feed and trending/hot stuff
Creating new posts
Voting with any %
Reading replies/comments/mentions
Drafts synced with eSteem Mobile
Post Schedules synced with eSteem Mobile
Bookmarks synced with eSteem Mobile
Favorites synced with eSteem Mobile
Comments/Memo Encryption
Night Mode (Dark Theme)
Wallet Transfers
Image Gallery
Detailed Voters Info
Witness Voting

View all eSteem Surfer Desktop Client information on GitHub:

Download eSteem Desktop Client here:

Download eSteem for Android From the Google Play Store here:

Main eSteem website:


Mobile Only

SuperSteemian is a very simple Android app for interacting with the Steem blockchain. It does not have a lot of features but it is very fast and makes viewing posts and voting rather easy.

Download SuperSteemian for Android From the Google Play Store here:


Part 4 (Web Frontends)


As we all know there are a lot of web frontends (websites) for interacting with the Steem blockchain and I want to include a few of them here and encourage folks to research what their respective features are for themselves.

Web Frontends:

Steem Account/Transaction Info:


Token Exchange

Columns for Steem

Search By Username & Tag

Steem Search Engine


That Is All For Now!


Thanks for reading!

If you have some favorite Steem tools please feel free to put them in the comments below!

Cheers! & Happy Steeming!


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Thanks for posting this! I am confident that your help over the past couple of months is the only reason I am so comfortable on Steem already! I really like Brave, though I am still working to use it for all my browsing. I am definitely only using Brave for Steem activities. I still use Firefox for some other things but the amount of data mining that Brave stops even from happening on Firefox is incredible and it seems the best choice to keep all my blockchain stuff safe. Plus, with the keychain extension, I don't have to give up my grandchildren's left toe every time I want to log into a different Steem world...

I will check out the last link for sure, and then later I can use it to find this post again when I am ready for some of the other extensions you mentioned!

Kudos to you @jacobpeacock and all the Steem folks who help others get better at the Steem blockchain and platforms.

You are quite welcome @freemotherearth.

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