What investment is required to make $100 per day shitposting here?

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$5000 and two years of fulltime work has yielded me 3648 SP, and my 100% upvote at 100% voting power now generates a 0.03 USD potential payout.

(Fun fact: Since payouts are linearly related to the upvoter's SP, we know it currently takes 121600 SP ($17k) to generate $1 payouts.)

After HF21, posts/comments that don't make at least 20 STEEM get pillaged by posts that do. Almost everything I vote on ends up being pillaged, so about 1/3rd of my payouts are lost immediately. I could take on a policy of only voting for posts that make the cut, like the "manual curation projects" that have popped up recently. Doing so maximizes curation rewards, the main source of income post-HF21, but I choose to TRULY manually curate, not look for high-paying posts to add my co-sign for profit.

After being pillaged, what's left is split 50/50 between me and the content creator. But if I were the content creator (ie, self-upvoting) then I'd get it all.

What's left of my $0.03 upvotes is 0.08 STEEM for the curator and 0.08 STEEM for the creator, 0.16 STEEM, or $0.022. With perfect timing (being online 24/7 or using bots) we can upvote 10 times every day, so I could currently pull in a maximum of 22 cents daily that way.


If I had 1.65M STEEM ($232,000 USD) invested in this blockchain, under current conditions, and flawlessly upvoted only my own shitposts, and didn't get downvoted, I'd make $100 per day.

In layman's terms, someone with at least a quarter million invested could theoretically spam the blockchain a few hours a day and be able to pay their rent. (If they can dodge the #NewSteem vigilantes armed with free downvotes!)

Just some math for us to be aware of.



Haha, a lot of people reading this won't realize that you didn't download that image from google. It's ironic how much work went into this post about shitposting, lots of good calculations and info.

Putting "shitpost" in the title might be a mistake. People seem to rarely upvote such posts, even if they're high quality content. Something psychological I guess.

well the point is, somebody could upvote their own nonsense, ten times a day, after investing 230k, and pay their bills that way..... unless smacked down by other members ;)

Imagine the possibilities if @GirlsofGreen had a quarter-million dollar investment and no interference from haters and sabotage what we could have done?

We've had many cannamodels and were posting daily at our best times, we could have actually employed models and paid them in Steem. That would've been interesting if you imagine 10 models each posting once a day and then they each get paid $10 for their daily post, with incentive to do a good job for extra upvotes, hmmm not bad.

That's interesting, thanks for working out the math and posting. So a quarter million can create an income. Well, I'm not surprised money makes money.

I will give that a FULL UPVOTE @drutter because I love when People speak the TRUTH about this Platform. By The way the Only Reason I have not left Yet is because of Steemmonsters. My Monsters account is worth almost 3 times my Blogging Account. There is huge Upside Potential with the Price of Steem where it is at Currently but Who Knows if it will ever Move up meaningfully again. The MEEK shall inherit the Earth................

(If they can dodge the #NewSteem vigilantes armed with free downvotes!)

I got laughing reading the above lines. Hahahaha vigilantes indeed.

Same here, that part had me laughing out loud :D
We must watch out for those vigilantes!

When consider ROI I think that might be a very bad investment though! Anyway I wish things might get change soon, personally I do believe this is the best platform for developers, authors, curators, readers and every other people who wish to earn with or without investment!
!trendovoter 100


Yes it almost seems like a waste of time here now for making any sort of usable income even just small part income. I manually curate as well and I am still here hoping steem price goes up and or one or two tribes come good on value.

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At this point it's all an exercise in futility... but, we persevere unto the end. :P