So, who's still around?

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Nah, it's not that bad... Pic source

The blockchain currently has around 1.33 million accounts. Those accounts were registered at some point in time between the start of the blockchain in 2016 and now, with creation rates varying with STEEM price, publicity and so on. The graph below shows how many accounts were created per month since the blockchain exists:


There are a couple of peaks in this graph: The first bigger wave of new accounts was in mid 2016, followed by another peak in mid 2017. The highest number of new accounts per month was recorded in early 2018, certainly boosted by the high STEEM price at that time. Since mid of 2018, the number of new accounts per month is gradually decreasing. The dip in December 2018 is when Steemit stopped creating new accounts for a couple of weeks and clearing the backlog in Jan. 2019. In October 2019 we had 9187 new accounts created.

Clearly not all accounts on the chain are 'active', a lot of them are unused or powered down. From all 1.3M accounts:

  • around 52.2k accounts have voted within the last 6 weeks
  • around 22.5k accounts made a comment or a root post within the last
    6 weeks
  • around 19.0k accounts made a root post within the last 6 weeks

On top of that, users typically have more than one account, especially since the SteemEngine tribes are around. So the actual number of people using Steem is probably significantly lower.

With a mix of accounts from around 3.5 years of blockchain, it is interesting to see when the accounts who are still active were created.

The following plot shows the creation dates of those 22.5k accounts who at least made a comment within the last 6 weeks.


If you compare this graph to the total account creation graph above you might notice some similarities. It shows the same peaks, especially for accounts that around for a year or longer and

We can plot this differently: let's take the number of 'still-active' accounts per month over the total number of accounts created in this month:


What's interesting here: The previous peaks are almost gone and the distribution is mostly flat between 1-2% for accounts that were created a year ago or earlier. This means, that independent of the account creation waves, around 1-2% of all accounts remain active! I would have expected a lot more inactive accounts from the strong inrush phase in early 2018 for example.
Another interesting thing here: the peak in December 2018. This is where Steemit did not create new accounts. This suggests that accounts created by others than Steemit have a higher retention rate. And we've seen this before with other analyses.

TL/DR: 1-2% longer-term retention, but comparably stable with respect to account creation time. And Steem is not only about posting anymore, quite some accounts do well with playing various games on the chain. Nevertheless, my feed is drying up from time to time, need some new accounts to follow...


Steem is dead, pack your bags, last one out dont forget to turn the lights off. haha

I didnt really expect a much higher retention rate simply because many of those accounts created werent really used much. Then you have folks with hundreds of accounts. All that effects numbers.

Id say we have around 10k active participants and a larger number of people visiting the site if you look at similar web analytics.
Id say thats fine. Thats much more then any other blockchain has.

Yeah, I guess it's not too bad here :) Finding the actual number of 'humans' behind all the active accounts is a different story - your estimate sound reasonable, but we probably won't know for sure. Thanks for your comment! :)

It might be interesting to look at accounts only with json activity related to games.
You don't need to post if you only play and communicate via Discord.

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good idea! That's probably a growing number of accounts and not contained in the 'active' criteria I chose above.

I am still around but it is tougher with the day!
I do write mainly about sports and most of the other steemians don't care about sports enough. So interaction is at a bottom.
I know I can start writing about the popular topics in steem, but I am not blogging for the money but for the fun. So, I won't do that! I am writing what I do want to write, if I do please other with this it is fine, if not it is fine too because we do live in a free world.
So feel free to add me to your feed for a daily post or 2 :)


Turns out I'm following you already for quite some time :)

At least I am following you back now 😁

I'm still here. Follow me for top quality shit posts :-)

You know, I love stats but I think its very difficult to get a true handle on things here especially with the multi tribe accounts people run (myself included).

I'd use an estimate of around 600 regular and 'decent' accounts on Steem but thats OK. I still hold out hope that one of the DApps will take hold and get popular and bring a lot of people in and Steem will become mainly a one DApp chain.
We will see, but until then. We continue on.

Enjoyed this post and best wishes :-)

I'd use an estimate of around 600 regular and 'decent' accounts on Steem but thats OK

Oh that's an interesting estimate! "Decent" is certainly a pretty subjective measure, but I also think there are a lot of bots and accounts without interest in interaction among the active accounts.

I’m around, of course, despite the bear market and the lack of activity here.

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haha, that pic made my day! thanks :D

Not dead, just shitposting on @dlike ;-) ...which is still one step up from scrounging rewards by writing a Steemfest post....whats next...
Steemfest4 - Write about the quality of the toilets in your room for a huge blocktrades upvote.....

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Now if you changed that to "All my friends are @dliker s" I would totally steal it!!

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I haven't used my account for years

Then just feel free to upvote my posts 😁

Hehe! :0)

I could try, couldn't I :)

Always gotta try ;0)

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There’s plenty of decent accounts to follow, it just takes a little tike to find them and the ability to step out of the box most people think in and branch out into different areas of interest. The road less travelled I guess.

I follow accounts that I usually wouldn’t these days irrespective of whether the content lines up with what I’m truly interested in.

Keeps it interesting and meeting new people, engaging with them, is the benefit rather than reading some stuff I already know.

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@tipu curate

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Another interesting thing here: the peak in December 2018. This is where Steemit did not create new accounts. This suggests that accounts created by others than Steemit have a higher retention rate. And we've seen this before with other analyses.

Yes I do tend to keep my alts active :)

Steem is not only about posting anymore, quite some accounts do well with playing various games on the chain.

And it's possible this trend will continue in time to come and we'll be unable to tie activity or 'still around' to posts/comments/votes.

@raj808, some numbers for you :)

Yes I do tend to keep my alts active :)

I think this was before tribes and dedicated per-tribe accounts became a thing :)

Thanks for the RS!

Damn tribe alts, spoiling the numbers - or in Steemit incs case, making them look much healthier :)

My pleasure!

I'm here!

I'm here! Thanks for providing a few nice ways to look at the numbers :-) I've just asked other Steemians for new people to follow, and although you might have different interests than me, it might be worth looking through some of the suggestions on my last post. Cheers!

Oh, you got quite a lot of suggestions. It'll take me a while to get through, but may be worth it - thanks :)

I haven't been here for ages.

I am sort of here. I quit posting 6 months ago. Everything, nearlyevery person and reason I joined are gone. I just hang around for the crypto news mostly.

Great stats ;-)
I'm still here... I'm a mannequin and I don't know a better place to go.

And yes... interaction is at the bottom... I was also gifting STEEM accounts, but looks like no one wants them :-(

thanks @steemitri, glad to have a mannequin here :) Sorry to hear that it didn't work to gift STEEM accounts. #newsteem improved a couple of things, but interaction not necessarily...

this is the third post on that topic I am reading today

I spend most of my time on steemleo but do browse my feed and even post from time to time :-)

But there is indeed a calm before the storm

Where you at June 2017s’? Let’s rock this platform!

Was that like Rock the Vote but even less successful?

I'm holding it down as well. Just writing shorter posts than my last epic one, since engagement is down.

Will 2020 be the year?

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I think I am, I think I am, I think I am.... lol!

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hahaha :D

lol "haha" yourself :D

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see @abh12345 wine never lets you down! :D

You're spilling it!

Nice to see some data. I often think about looking at some data, but I dint have the time so it's nice to see this.

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thanks Paula. It's the same for me... you know best that it can take quite a lot of time to prepare data posts.

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Looks like many are here...but it's mainly, the usual suspects :P

Patiently waiting for better days to come

haha, yes, the "usual suspects" describes it pretty well :)

This is my first time here.

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Thank you for those stats, I was curious about that topic but didn't find any kind of info until now! Too bad there's no way to get a thorough idea about the individual users, alts will always mess the numbers.

Still here, after 3 years since account creation. Just came back from Steemfest4.

I'm quite well retended I think. 🤣

I'm confused. Is this not voice???

The strange man in the alley told me if I gave him 7 bitcoiners he would give me all the voice tokens....

Many are still here... just too lazy to post :P gaming it up in the mean time

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Yes, think that's true for quite some accounts, especially for root posts. Thanks for the resteem!

Nevertheless, my feed is drying up from time to time, need some new accounts to follow...

Well, I am still here. I am one of those who the wind brought here in that first peak wave around 2016. And since then, recklessly stirring & perturbing the hornet's nest almost every day without fail. };)

Ha, there! enough reasons to follow me. LoL

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I joined June of 2017, made a few posts, & then misplaced my passwords for a few years. Recently running across the passwords, I came back 3 weeks ago to see if Steemit might make a good tool for furthering my writing/art career.

Stats are always healthy to ponder health of system, congratulations being selected in Daily @qurator firstly.

Historically one sees peaks more often than not, when certain regions in the world go wobbly like jelly with local fiat. When local currency indicates problems people turn to crypto, sadly this also attracts those who wish to earn a quick buck without putting in any effort, creating strange patterns sometimes revealed in graphs.

When any crypto has a good run FOMO reveals itself, hence so many "dead/unused accounts", leaving a door open should Steem grow exponentially you will suddenly see many accounts come to life.

I am human, enjoy interacting with others willing to be creative and share, gaming has never grabbed my attention nor did the bid-bots or any other idea, great to meet you @crokkon and thanks for collating indicators.

Games may become the lifeblood here with enthusiastic group supporting, it has been good to witness the ever changing blockchain technology settle down with many new ideas branching off still using Steem.

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