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RE: The Steem downvote pool explained

in #steemlast year

From the last paragraph I understood that downvote can be delegated. Is it possible to rent a downvote?


No, I think you misunderstood. SP is tightly coupled with the upvote and downvote mana. This means that you can only delegate SP to others that you haven't used/spent to vote. If you buy/get a delegation from others, your upvote and downvote mana increases as well. It's not directly possible to delegate or rent a downvote. If you want your downvote mana to be "used", you could join a flag trail. If you believe you found a post/comment that deserves a flag but haven't the SP to handle it yourself, you could try to reach out other more powerful curators, the @steemflagrewards team or steemcleaners (depending on type).

Thanks for the reply. I don't use Downvote. I'm addicted to Google translator and I seem to miss something in translation.