My Very First Article On Steempeak

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[This Article Of Mine Below Is A Re-post From My Steempeak Channel.]

This is the very first article that I have ever posted on Steempeak. I recently went through the steps to log into Steempeak. Colleagues of mine on Steemit have told me that Steempeak is better than Steemit. Everything here is so new to me that it is somewhat intimidating, but I am one who rolls with the punches; and, hopefully, I will get to like Steempeak as much as I have gotten to like Steemit.

Publishing articles on the Internet requires one to roll with the punches. My only really major fear about Steempeak is if some born-again Christian were to decide to buy it and all the other blockchains out and then we all get stuck with a heavily censored writing platform where almost nothing is allowed to be posted unless it is a script for The 700 Club. OUCH! No offense to any of our more faith-based Steemians on the platform.

I'll be interested in knowing what this article here of mine looks like on Steemit and on the other blockchains. There is only one way for me to find out. From this point on, I begin my journey with Steempeak.:-)

*Note - This would also now be my very first article on PEAKD.

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