Statheads Community Introduction

in Statheads2 years ago

Given that it is March and we're in prime basketball season, I thought now was a good time to launch a predictive modeling community. Predictive modeling combines data mining, statistics, and probability to paint interesting pictures of the future that more often that not are wrong. But that's the fun part.

Something that almost looks like a probability diagram

While predictive modeling is commonly used in sporting contests (like basketball or presidental elections), it can be used to tell the weather, predict the markets, or used to assess risk for policy claims in insurance. While I don't think insurance is "fun", I'm not stopping anyone who thinks it is.

This is a place to use numbers irresponsibly. This is the place to tell the future using math that you haven't used since high school. This is the place to go down pointless rabbit holes because, why not? In a world where we are drowning in data, why not use that data to predict something beautiful, interesting, or useful?