Mission Launch - Starlink Adds Grows Again

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//SpaceX Keeps Going//

It’s time for a follow up after the exciting SpaceX mission successfully saw Crew Dragon launch into space and dock safely. The space adventure continues to progress and it’s going to be a wonderful few months to see the crew head back safely as planned. Today marks yet another launch off into space, SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites off the planet to establish a satellite network far and beyond. The naming of systems is coherently slick as Starlink constellation continues to grow and beam internet around the planet. Previous Starlink satellite launches have continued to deploy and this is yet another batch that will bolster the network for greater coverage and capability.

//Linking Everyone//

Starlink Internet offers a connection that is pretty impressive, a gigabit connection beamed from far and beyond is the work of science and technology. As the Starlink network expands, the goal of achieving high speed internet speeds in even the most remote areas will be in reach. Having travelled around to different parts of the world, internet access varies drastically. Current offerings see a private beta run as a limited audience test out the low-latency network and for those in the US and Canada, Starlink will be offered under different pricing tiers. It’s a connection that’s out of this world as each satellite communicates with one another via laser technology.

//Dim The Lights//

Another step to world connectivity, this will be a stride towards providing connectivity to even the hardest to reach places. It’s hopeful that a connected planet will help to further advance our population. Information sharing is facilitated by connectivity and perhaps SpaceX will deliver what the world needs. Stable, fast and open internet access. With the mass launchings, it will be interesting to see how the company plan to solve the issue of space debris. Cluttering the lower orbit of the Earth will only cause issues if left over time and future additions will continue to refine to reduce potential detrimental impact. Thinking ahead is important and I am overall positive about this approach.

//Living Here and Beyond//

The latest launch will trial the visor design to reduce the effects of light interference. It’s important to consider other parts of science when building things for the world and listening to feedback and concerns can only lead to better innovation in the future. SpaceX are delivering exciting prospects as we move into the future and life looks to change on both earth and off of it.