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RE: Thoughts on Reducing the Power Down Period to 4 Weeks from 13 Weeks Currently

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As it is presented there, with full power down after one week and no other restrictions I don't agree with. Too beneficial to speculators, too detrimental to people seeking protection.

  • Speculators will advance the price
  • you can think of ways to protect people.
    Then a steem from an old man who is barely moving will turn into a young sportsman) We need to run, we need mass adaptation. this is just my opinion, but I'm sure of it

Speculators... speculate. What they do, they provide liquidity, or rather daily transactions volume. But they are just as active on a pump as they are on a dump. They are needed, welcomed I'd say, but we can't rely on them to push the price up. The price will be pushed up by investors and businesses on Steem.

Speculators and investors are Yin and Yang, it is like white and black, it is like light and darkness - they need each other. The truth is somewhere in the middle !!!

Speculators and investors [...] need each other.

I agree with that, 100%.