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The modernization of the technological humankind started with the advent of computers, and it took a rapid pace with the inception of the internet. The people nowadays are connected with the world through this network and still looking for a better and secure network platform for ease of access to the internet. There are many service providers who provide such access sometimes with high cost and sometimes create wastage of data because of improper utilization. This creates a loss for both ways to the user end only. On the other hand, the digitization of networking has brought in the advertisers to go in the open network for their advertisements. But this process creates manipulated bidding and fraud, which creates a great loss for the advertisers, and they fail to maximize the content for the users, and because of lack of efficiency in the public network, they fail to connect with the targeted user of the advertisement.

Core Technology of StacksCity :
StackCity is a project that has been funded in 2014 and has been working relentlessly towards the project’s aim to build a city which more efficient in connecting into a unique network platform. They are providing services that include data transmission, data storage, and network structuring of business enterprises. The StackCity is going to build an ecosystem of the Internet of Things that will ensure proficient, secure, and smart data transmission. And to achieve the goal of IoT, this proficiency of the network system will be a foundation of it.

In the era of the Internet of Things, StackcCity is going to make a network platform where smart devices will be connected through the WiFi hotspots that are shared by the Stackscity WiFi hosts. With the rise of smart mobile phone users worldwide, the Stackscity will be able to make such an ecosystem of the Internet of Things.
The internet of things came into light in the eighties, and with the evolution of the technology, the concept has broadened up to the connectivity of the smart devices & appliances to a network platform. It is a structure of a system where such devices are interrelated, and a unique identification number is assigned to have the ability to transfer data without the need for human and smart device interaction.

The StacksCity has a goal to achieve an interrelated world that will be based on a common WiFi network system giving the users secure and stable access through smartphones. This way, the enlisted hosts in the StackCity will have access to the network along with sharing them with the internet users without directly interacting with the user, and in return, the hosts will gain revenue from advertisements. And the advertisers on the ecosystem will be able to bid ad at a competitive price without facing any digital fraud and intermediaries. This ecosystem of IoT will be the future of open WiFi connectivity with the creation of a stream of income both for the hosts and advertisers.

The StacksCity project will cultivate the blockchain technology to secure the network platform and thus making it a blockchain-based company. This technology will help the users to avoid fraud by providing users multiple connections, views, and clicks. The blockchain technology is an advanced technology that keeps records of transactions and information in a block and is very difficult to temper or erase from the record. The StackCity will be using location-based advertisement, and this technology will provide the Stack routers data safety and security. The blockchain technology has no single point failure and point of access for hackers, and this nature is achieved because of the decentralized nature of the technology. As there is a way to verify the ledger of the database, the blockchain technology will provide transparency and trust among the StackCity users. The StackCity aims to provide a secured and trustworthy network platform that can be done through blockchain technology. The system will be decentralized, and views of the ad are counted and updated to the Stack server. To avoid manipulation of the views, only views counted from the log-in of a user through WiFi will be counted and updated.

To achieve a networking system of IoT , the Stackcity is projecting to create free WiFi hotspots utilizing the unused bandwidth of the hosts and earning money from the ad views shown in the owner of the hosts. This will also help the advertiser to get area based advertisement at a competitive price without the interference of the intermediaries. In the era of IoT, it is high time users get easy and secured access to the internet, creating a city with a more efficient and safe networking system.

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