NAVY'S SSP Technology is coming...

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Take a minute and start to wrap your head around the fact that the U.S. Secretary of the Navy has released these 6 patents. They are absolutely mind bending technology that should NOT exist, according to the current physics model of the Universe (the one taught in school).

Salvatore Cezar Pais is a Romanian who's our modern day Nikola Tesla, and is the main character in a Romanian nonfiction series by Radu Cinemar, an authorized disclosure agent of Department Zero. Department Zero, the most secretive of the Romanian agencies, works directly with the Pentagon due to the ET chamber inside the Bucegi Mountains, which is connected to one of several tunnels that enter the Earth (another is under the Great Pyramid in Egypt and in Tibet).

The Navy's protocols will be the basis of the Space Force, and while it appears that the Air Force holds the ball, the truth is that the Air Force will eventually be subsumed by the Space Force.

Additionally, SpaceX is a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) front company, and is launching tens of thousand of Starlink (mesh-network) satellites to give us a 'Constellation' or low-orbit blanket of K-band (safe), high-speed, low-latency FREE internet. Yes, Elon Musk is a white hat.

Buckle up, friends, it's going to be a fun ride... once we get past this nightmare circus!

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