Smart Study Tips for the SSAT

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Are you wondering how to stay for the SSAT? You have come to the right page.
In this article, you’re going to learn 6 smart study tips for ++SSAT++.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is the SSAT?

The term SSAT is an abbreviation of the Secondary School Admission Test. It’s a specific test students need to undertake when applying to join independent schools across the world.

The test is administered to students in the elementary, middle, and upper classes.
This test is used to evaluate verbal, quantitative, and reading skills, and encourages critical and problem-solving skills.

The test also covers basic operations, ordering numbers, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and basic fractions.

It’s the foundation for ++SSAT upper-level math questions++ where students are required to study and provide concrete answers. You will learn about this more when you get to that level.

In the verbal section of SSAT, students are required to answer synonyms and analogy questions whereas the reading section focuses on answering comprehension and analysis questions.

The main aim of SSAT is to assess skills instead of achievement. You don’t need to master any specific material in this case

How to Study for the SSAT

That said, here are the study tips for the SSAT.

Prepare a Study Plan

Studying for the SSAT isn’t different from studying for any other test. As mentioned above, the SSAT is meant to assess your verbal, qualitative math, reading, and writing skills.
Create a study plan that encompasses all the things you need to understand before the test. You can use the official SSAT study material to find tips, practice questions, and exercises that can help you practice.

Take Practice SSAT Tests Regularly

Practice makes perfect. You know that. There is no better way to study for something than taking tests that mimic the exact test.
It’s important to start preparing for the test earlier like three months before so that you can have enough time to prepare.

First, take a practice test and assess your performance. Observe areas that you need to improve as well as those that you’re already good at.

Focus on The Areas You Find Challenging

When you take SSAT practice tests, you will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. In this case, note down topics that you find hard for you and focus on them. Try to review topics you understand as well so that you don’t forget everything.
Review math questions, play games with synonyms and analogies, and engage with reading regularly.

Understand SSAT Scoring

To prepare for SSAT efficiently, you need to know how the test will be scored. Understanding the scoring will help you know what areas to focus on more and where to improve. It can also help you have a guessing strategy. As a rule, you should try as much as you can to understand concepts as guessing might not always help.

Take Another SSAT Practice Test

If you can, take more SSAT ++practice tests++ before the actual test. A good rule of thumb is to take these tests more often. If you feel you’re prepared enough, you may take a few tests.
Taking more practice tests will help you gauge your familiarity with the format and feel of the test. You should also check your progress in the areas that you found hard in your first SSAT practice test.