The Real SQUID Game: The Actual Science and Technology Behind Remote Neural Monitoring.

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How many folks here have heard of a technology kept in shadows, having been ultimately been under development for half a century but only recently developed into something straight out of science fiction... I'd like to introduce you to the SQUID: superconducting quantum interference device. The technology that quietly dominated the world by giving those with access to this completely game changing technology unlocking abilities that almost seem like magic.


( a picture from the early working SQUID lab devices )

This tech and it's clandestine usage in many different forms is something I've speculated was happening globally but couldn't postulate 100% correctly on how the technology stack was exactly being applied, previously blaming long range spectroscopy of some parts of the brain to be it...

( a quick and dirt 10 minute explanation of the physics fundamentals at play here )

I was incredibly wrong, what they ended up doing was solving Schrodinger's cat in a sense and building quantum sensors capable of detecting the smallest distortions in energy state / spin all the way down to precious metals buried +2KM under the ground. These devices are the pinnacle of humanities ability to not only real-time monitor things they only dreamed of prior but also in some variations of these systems it enables the user to literally modify or program reality itself to whim.

By observing the ~ -185c superconductor state of the SQUID chip you can extrapolate its fluxons, or otherwise known as quantized magnetic flux.. So by being able to directly observe the flux of the remote resulting in a difference of voltage which can then extrapolate the state of the remote matter being measured, or even modify it... Surgeons are able to use quantum tools in their own space such as tweezers or scalpels and have it effect the entangled matter being observed /accessed / coded / modified at will.


This video below is from the main inventor of this technology, he can explain it better than I...
These are only some of the applicaitons.. this technology.. this Qubits being able to be entangled at will and modified on the deployers side to effect the target is fucking INSANE.

By exploiting the Quantum effects and it's effects of superconductivity, quantum tunneling and some other wild application of meta-material sciences to manifest what I can only describe as mind blowing or universe breaking possibilities.. A number of SQUID device types and applications are possible with this tech, It's effectively a way to do quantum computing and programming in a way that can affect reality all the while being non-destructive to the states it's detecting and changing..

In classic quantum physics most of the time you observe something it tends to collapse to a certain state / energy level / form.. But by tossing this SQUID methodology at it and some inventive material science our scientists have basically managed to create a mechanism in which we can detect and modify the very universe we find ourselves in right down to the spin speed or direction of a single electron.. I'm both in awe at our technology and terrified and disgusted with how it's being used.

The rate of our advancement of tech though is nuts.. A little over 100 years ago we (re)discovered quantum effects and the mechanics of it then figured out how to leverage it to change our reality.


Through the formation of Cooper pairs when the superconductor and chip are cooled down likely leads to the probabilistic chance of the 2 bound electrons landing in a straight line to tunnel through the center insulator.. Although when they do this they do a swap which creates a measurable magnetic field fluctuation.. something like 10-3 electronvolts which is equal to some insanely small number like or 0.0000000000000000000001602176565 joules..


However due to the quantum mechanics of magnetic flux quantization in super-conducting materials below their phase shift back to normal you're able to leverage it... When you modify the client side flux or point in space not only will that data be applied to the entangled / detected matter, but the state will persist long after you bring the machine back up to normally matter temperatures and the quantum effects no longer are valid / observer.


By observing the flux quantization of the target being measured you're able to infer things such as if the molecule has an active electrical charge, if a neuron is active all the way up to using neural networks to create models of peoples internal monologue allowing for remote neural monitoring / synthetic telepathy... The spookiest part is that it skirts the general state collapse taht measuring a quantum system normally infers..


Josephson tunneling effect is the "magic" behind these sensor circuits. While it's unlikely that the man who hypothesized the superconductor usage we see today.. The idea this man put fourth is what this entire technology is based upon. By cooling down the superconductors passed their normal conductance temperature and into the superconductor range you're able to not only measure things like flux, but also have the entangled quanta be measurable without collapsing them into a finite state..

( a screencap showing the super conducting properties of early Josephson devices )

These 3 quantum mechanical effects are leveraged in order to get SQUID based systems to operate. This not only allows us non-destructive monitoring but also the ability to program matter.

You Wanna Know Why World Leaders fly to Antarctica Every so Often?


World leaders and famous folks have been streaming down to the south pole every so often and for a long time I wasn't exactly sure the cause of it all.. Turns out they were heading down to the larges SQUID installation of it's type to go get some of the sweet anti-aging and health benefits that can come with this technology. We now as humans possess technology to do medicine and monitoring at a quantum level, if that isn't the most exciting and terrifying shit I don't know what is, if you aren't scared or excited about the state of this tech simply put you need to research it more.

Note: I'll try and do my Q1 update on shit here on HIVE in the next day or so

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That is their MO sir. They want to stress you out by stealing the peace of a silent mind. I'm currently working with bone conducting transducers to mitigate / block the perceived audio from the frey effect. So far it seems promising, although making it effective without further distracting the user while keeping enough of the hearing bandwidth available for safety.

Will post about it, let you know if it works here eventually.

Always remember the more you interact with it or focus on it, the better it works, ignore that shit, do not believe a god damn word it says and always remember without their fear mongering your mind they have no power over you.

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