🥔SPUD Day! Start of the Crypto 20s and Powering Up For Future Steem! 🥔

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Well it's that day again! First of the month! And the new decade. Time to power up that Steem and more, more and Spud away!!

spud steem.jpg

First and foremost! The Steem!! Today we powered-up 316 beautiful Steem!


We powered-up some Pal! A total of 48 pal for move voice on the Palnet!


Got to love the NexAg! Takes alot to build a city. Today I build more stake in Neoxian City!! 224 powered-up.


And yes Bilpcoin! Never underestimate the Bill!! 36 Bilp Up!


Getting some game on! Good Game Token a plenty! Luck 88 GG Token powered-up!


Staking some Zzan for the season! Support for the Korean community!! 13 Zzan up!!


And oh yes, some Beer! More Beer! 10+ staked in the fridge!


Not quite a full Jahm! I will be looking to support the Jamaican community more next spud!


Stem for the Steem! Always support for the Science technology Scot-tribe! 14 more stem to vote with!


And finally a whopping 528 creative coin powered-up!


This is not financial advice! 45 LEO Up!


Well these were my highlights Spud day! How did you do? Share your SPUD post in the comments below for 100% of vote!


January 01/2020


Hi @dylanhobalart
Diversified SPUD = ESTEEM to the moon!
Thanks for the good work

Awesome! And thanks for the re-steem! Steem-on-2020!!

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Stake it all! I love it showing the commitment from day one! I hope it will be a big year for all steemians

I hope it will be a big year for steemians to! Thanks for stopping in! And your comment!!

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Congratulations - happy spud and happy new year!

Thanks you C-man! Happy spud!!

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Thank you @dylanhobalart for your Power UpS!!! in support of #spud Happy New Year 2020!

Thanks for your wishes.
Happy New Year to you too.

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