SPUD8 Stats - 178k STEEM powered up in total!

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Yesterday, Dec 1st 2019, was STEEM Power-Up Day (#spud) and quite a couple of users participated to power up some STEEM. I was in with 1k STEEM myself.

Key Facts:

  • In total, 178268.262 STEEM was powered up throughout the day
  • 881 accounts either vested STEEM themselves, or got STEEM vested from other accounts via 1934 power-up operatations

The top-10 power-ups were:

AccountSTEEM vested

It's probably no big surprise that most of the power-ups were done with much smaller amounts than those in the top 10:


The majority of power-ups (note the log scale in the y axis) are significantly smaller. The median across all power-up operations was 0.465 STEEM.

This is the distribution of the power-up amounts per hour over the day:


A big portion of the power-ups came shortly after midnight UTC time with around 31k vested. The amount vested per hour then slightly increased over the day.

From the 1934 power-up operations, 1263 were power-ups were from and to the own account. This corresponds to ~168k STEEM. The remaining 671 ops were power-ups from another accounts, with 451.271 STEEM powered-up via blocktrades.

Congrats to everyone who participated!

edit: I've updated the post with the time range from Nov. 30th 12:00 UTC to Dec. 2nd 12:00 UTC to account for "Dec. 1st" in any possible timezone.


Good info. A bit surprised I didn't make the Top 10 but good to see some big powerups there. SPUD effectively plays out over 48 hours once you account for all the timezones.

you're right on the timezones, especially the US evening hours were probably missed with 'just' looking at the day from 0-24h UTC. Thanks for the remark!

Good point @buggedout and also many of these powered up but did not blog or comment in order for me to see those power up and include them in the SPUD list for prizes.

Great info @crokkon Can I volunteer you to be our go to person for #spud stats for the next #spud9 ?

thanks, @steetstyle! Sure, I'm in for #spud9 stats :D

Awesome, glad we can count on you to help track the numbers. Any questions or suggestions in the meantime before the next #spud ?

spud9 will be on Jan 1st I guess? If you have additional ideas for spud stats that you'd like to see, let me know!

Awesome @crokkon Any chance we can get stats for the 48 hour period of #spud8 to get a little more accurate figures?

I've updated the post with the 48h period.

Not sure I made any power-ups in the specified time period but I have been doing so. Good idea to present the numbers for the day :D

had no doubts that you are into spud :)

Nice one @crokkon!
Will be interesting to see each spud day how is doing ... are we going up or down :)

haha, good idea! I was actually thinking about doing something like this. Then I was a bit afraid of the possible result (and ran out of time...) :D

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