Your Scot Tokens Voting Power

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Almost everyone active in blockchain have now Scot Tokens (your already must heard about Tribes and
It means when you upvoting your are upvoting in the regular way but also with tokens depending on the tags used on the post you vote and the tokens you have.


When you upvote in a post with tags "palnet" and "creativecoin", if you have this two tokens staked (stake tokens is the same as our Steem Power SP) you are voting with your regular Steem Power but also with your "Tokens Power", you are rewarding with Steem and Tokens and you will receive curation in SP and Tokens.
Your Steem Power you can see here:"your steem account"

What about Scot Tokens Power?

@blockchainstudio was developed a tool:
This is my creativecoin (CCC) voting power.

To use it change a=psos to a="your steem account" and t=CCC to t="token name"


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mentioning creativecoin doesn't make your post creative. Don't use the creativecoin tag like this again please.

Eheheh I guess you didn't like my comment :)
Keep going...

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On last post you mention creativity, it doesn't make your post creative.
Please... Don't be so straight.
If my post was about grass...
I mention creativecoin because I want all using this tag knows that there are a way to see the voting power.
Be Happy :)

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