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I think PALNET is general. You can post anything under it. Quarries also is coming out with a coin. They have a post not too long ago about how to get it. Main way seems to be to participate in their challenges or delegate SP for their daily upvote.

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Yeah, I also think it's general, but choosing a niche is much better for any tribe. Thanks for informing me about ''Quarries'', can you send me a link to that post, or mention who wrote it ? I will check it at least.

Fucking autocorrect. I wrote Qurator

Oh, I know that. I was even active when they just started the project more than a year ago. But when I realized that their curation related only to the delegation we give them. I stop being active there. I remember even delegating myself. But I didn't find that profitable. I didn't know why such accounts with big upvotes give so less return. But, I know now. To not pay the team they usually pay them by upvotes, but give to the delegators the minimum. I like that they have they own concept, and they always promote that and they have a promotion channel that's allowing steemians only to upvote and comment others before they share something there. But I think the team should be paid in liquid and the delegators should have much better upvotes.

The one reason I decided to redelegate to them, after canceling a few months ago, was that I heard from someone with their token that it had tripled in value since he got it. So when you add that profit potential to the upvotes, seems like a deal worth making.

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I will take a look at what they are doing and see.