Splinterlands Meta Snapshot: Gold League

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Today is the turn to show the results of the statistics for the gold league, this is a league that I know very well because I spend most of the season in it trying to climb to diamond, is a very competitive league where they see very good cards with very good level.

I have compiled information of 13999 battles of which 3857 belong to the gold league, so let's see what a surprise this league has to reveal to us.


3857 Battles Processed


% UsedSummonerWinsLossesWinrate
33.57%Tyrus Paladium67262351.89%
29.03%Zintar Mortalis57554551.33%
27.89%Alric Stormbringer54952751.02%
23.41%Daria Dragonscale44246148.94%
21.2%Lyanna Natura41740150.97%
19.39%Malric Inferno37437450.0%
7.1%Selenia Sky14812654.01%
6.58%Delwyn Dragonscale11713746.06%
3.6%Jarlax the Undead568340.28%
2.67%Plado Emberstorm713268.93%
2.35%Talia Firestorm474451.64%
2.04%Xia Seachan413851.89%
1.97%Crypt Mancer482863.15%
1.89%Xander Foxwood353847.94%
1.89%Kiara Lightbringer403354.79%
1.4%The Peakrider272750.0%
1.37%Contessa L'ament213239.62%
0.98%Camila Sungazer182047.36%
0.93%Archmage Arius211558.33%
0.75%Wizard of Eastwood181162.06%
0.67%Prince Rennyn19773.07%
0.59%Mother Khala15865.21%



% UsedMonsterWinsLossesWinrate
68.96%Furious Chicken1326133449.84%
40.91%Lord Arianthus90067857.03%
34.22%Creeping Ooze64467648.78%
26.44%Prismatic Energy51150950.09%
20.79%Haunted Spirit41139151.24%
18.53%Divine Healer36734851.32%
18.07%Skeleton Assassin35833951.36%
17.52%Twisted Jester34433250.88%
17.26%Ruler of the Seas36530154.8%
16.48%Flesh Golem33430252.51%
16.17%Wood Nymph33429053.52%
16.15%Haunted Spider30831549.43%
15.89%Crustacean King33328054.32%
15.68%Silvershield Paladin33227354.87%
15.47%Elven Cutthroat27732046.39%
14.93%Undead Priest30527152.95%
14.44%Spineback Turtle28027750.26%
14.1%Phantom Soldier30424055.88%
13.81%Earth Elemental29623755.53%
12.57%Kobold Miner24723850.92%
12.52%Feral Spirit25023351.75%
12.52%Defender of Truth26521854.86%
12.05%Sea Genie23323250.1%
11.38%Mushroom Seer24619356.03%
10.91%Sea Monster17524641.56%
10.37%Goblin Mech14425636.0%
9.8%Pirate Archer19318551.05%
9.77%Goblin Shaman18419348.8%
9.77%Silvershield Warrior20217553.58%
9.64%Lord of Darkness23513763.17%
9.3%Crystal Werewolf19916055.43%
9.07%Giant Roc16618447.42%
9.02%Air Elemental19215655.17%
8.29%Javelin Thrower16715352.18%
8.24%Elemental Phoenix19112760.06%
7.95%Highland Archer12518240.71%
7.8%Goblin Sorcerer13716445.51%
7.59%Enchanted Pixie15114251.53%
7.41%Silvershield Knight13615047.55%
7.2%Spineback Wolf14413451.79%
6.94%Water Elemental13912951.86%
6.45%Fire Demon14610358.63%
6.09%Flame Imp11611949.36%
5.96%Sabre Shark9413640.86%
5.96%Sacred Unicorn11511550.0%
5.8%Screaming Banshee11510951.33%
5.7%Magi of the Forest11510552.27%
5.7%Swamp Thing1259556.81%
5.57%Dark Enchantress10910650.69%
5.36%Serpent of the Flame1119653.62%
5.23%Mischievous Mermaid1079552.97%
5.05%Minotaur Warrior7312237.43%
5.05%Spirit of the Forest1247163.58%
5.02%Serpentine Soldier1039153.09%
5.0%Clay Golem989550.77%
4.95%Undead Archer949749.21%
4.82%Exploding Dwarf988852.68%
4.77%Fire Beetle869846.73%
4.74%Pirate Captain939050.81%
4.71%Divine Sorceress919150.0%
4.45%Magi Sphinx829047.67%
4.14%Skeletal Warrior897155.62%
3.99%Animated Corpse777750.0%
3.91%Naga Windmaster767550.33%
3.81%Imp Bowman796853.74%
3.81%Silvershield Archers707747.61%
3.7%Angel of Light826157.34%
3.65%Black Dragon746752.48%
3.65%Gold Dragon796256.02%
3.52%Naga Fire Wizard528438.23%
3.52%Grumpy Dwarf558140.44%
3.5%Mermaid Healer785757.77%
3.42%Dwarven Wizard627046.96%
3.37%Fiendish Harpy706053.84%
3.24%Enchanted Defender537242.4%
3.24%Peaceful Giant675853.6%
3.16%Beetle Queen635951.63%
3.16%Parasitic Growth576546.72%
2.92%Silvershield Bard565749.55%
2.87%Electric Eels525946.84%
2.85%Serpentine Spy525847.27%
2.64%Stonesplitter Orc435942.15%
2.64%Dragon Jumper574555.88%
2.59%Pit Ogre524852.0%
2.59%Cave Slug465446.0%
2.51%Cursed Slimeball494850.51%
2.46%Fallen Specter524354.73%
2.46%Chain Golem484750.52%
2.43%Stone Golem454947.87%
2.3%Chromatic Dragon434648.31%
2.22%Corrupted Pegasus513559.3%
2.04%Ice Pixie483160.75%
1.81%Molten Ogre274338.57%
1.76%Coral Wraith323647.05%
1.73%Naga Warrior323547.76%
1.68%Luminous Eagle224333.84%
1.65%Frost Giant333151.56%
1.65%Lightning Dragon283643.75%
1.55%Goblin Chef322853.33%
1.55%War Chaang243640.0%
1.52%Kron the Undying322754.23%
1.52%Red Dragon342557.62%
1.47%Feasting Seaweed253243.85%
1.47%Dark Ha'on263145.61%
1.42%Goblin Thief282750.9%
1.42%Raging Impaler282750.9%
1.37%Frozen Soldier213239.62%
1.29%Undead Minotaur282256.0%
1.11%Lone Boatman192444.18%
1.08%Fire Elemental152735.71%
1.08%Phantom of the Abyss241857.14%
1.08%Failed Summoner241857.14%
1.08%Dark Astronomer231954.76%
1.06%Rusty Android132831.7%
1.01%Lord of Fire241561.53%
0.88%Unicorn Mustang201458.82%
0.8%Khmer Princess151648.38%
0.75%Mitica Headhunter151451.72%
0.72%Undead Badger161257.14%
0.7%High Priest Darius131448.14%
0.64%Minotaur Warlord131252.0%
0.64%Light Elemental121348.0%
0.59%Elven Defender91439.13%
0.57%Dragonling Bowman13959.09%
0.57%Horny Toad81436.36%
0.54%The Vigilator81338.09%
0.51%Living Lava61430.0%
0.51%Crystal Jaguar101050.0%
0.51%Goblin Chariot81240.0%
0.49%Spark Pixies91047.36%
0.49%Child of the Forest12763.15%
0.44%Magma Troll10758.82%
0.41%Giant Scorpion7943.75%
0.38%Spirit Miner9660.0%
0.36%Serpent of Eld9564.28%
0.33%Battle Orca4930.76%
0.33%Death Elemental6746.15%
0.33%Elven Mystic9469.23%
0.31%Goblin Fireballer4833.33%
0.31%Bone Golem6650.0%
0.28%Tortisian Chief4736.36%
0.25%Gloridax Magus2820.0%
0.23%Orc Sergeant8188.88%
0.2%Scale Doctor5362.5%
0.18%Sniping Narwhal2528.57%
0.18%Darkest Mage4357.14%
0.18%Tower Griffin5271.42%
0.15%Kobold Bruiser4266.66%
0.15%Giant Squid5183.33%
0.1%Tortisian Fighter2250.0%
0.1%Azmare Harpoonist040.0%
0.07%Ferexia General1233.33%



  • Unlike the bronze and silver leagues, we start to see more legendary and epic summoners, however the legendary summoner with the best winrate, the Prince Rennyn, is one of the least used in this league, I suspect that most of them are in the Diamond and Champion leagues.

  • The Prismatic Energy starts to look more often than before, It is the fourth most used card after the Chicken, Lord A and the Ooze, this is perhaps to the new mana cap that force us to play cards with high cost, in addition to the magic reflect that is well enough.

  • We began to see a little more Untamed cards although still in a shy way and do not affect greatly the Meta, the Chain Golem has had a debut a little bit ... Meh

  • Azmare Harpoonist has a winrate of zero percent, losing all battles in which it has been used, but... they are only 4.


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