Splinterlands Meta Snapshot: Diamond League

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The time has come to analyze the statistics for the diamond league, this is a rather tough league in which you see teams with all the characters at the highest level, the entry to the champion league that every splinterland player aspires to be.

I have made some adjustments to my algorithm and I have cleaned a little the database, to bring more reliable data. I realized that the way I was placing the percentages of use was very high, this is because sometimes a character can appear 2 times in the same battle if each of the players uses it, so a card can have a 200% use, which seemed incoherent to me, to solve this simply divided the result in half, understanding that the percentage of use is precisely the percentage of times that the character is chosen to participate in a battle.

I was also counting the number of battles that I consulted from the database but I was not subtracting the battles that I erased when I updated it, which also modified the percentage of use, they were very few battles and did not affect much the result but in the future, when I start erasing data by age could have been a problem.

Well but I will not distract them with more talk and let's see the results for this league of which I have compiled 2794 battles.


2794 Battles Processed


% UsedSummonerWinsLossesWinrate
11.9%Lyanna Natura30536045.86%
11.48%Selenia Sky36927357.47%
10.7%Tyrus Paladium26833044.81%
10.5%Alric Stormbringer28130647.87%
8.44%Malric Inferno24422851.69%
7.74%Zintar Mortalis18724643.18%
7.48%Daria Dragonscale20521349.04%
4.61%Prince Rennyn1609862.01%
3.47%Plado Emberstorm1019352.06%
2.72%Crypt Mancer866656.57%
2.43%Archmage Arius726452.94%
2.0%The Peakrider644857.14%
2.0%Delwyn Dragonscale496343.75%
1.98%Xander Foxwood664559.45%
1.84%Talia Firestorm495447.57%
1.78%Xia Seachan435743.0%
1.7%Jarlax the Undead554057.89%
1.18%Kiara Lightbringer313546.96%
0.69%Camila Sungazer172243.58%
0.23%Wizard of Eastwood7653.84%
0.16%Prince Julian7277.77%
0.08%Mother Khala050.0%
0.08%Neb Seni2340.0%
0.07%Contessa L'ament040.0%



% UsedMonsterWinsLossesWinrate
35.16%Furious Chicken98398250.02%
31.69%Lord Arianthus93184052.56%
15.56%Creeping Ooze42344748.62%
13.09%Earth Elemental40532755.32%
11.16%Crustacean King34927555.92%
10.84%Prismatic Energy28632047.19%
9.55%Spirit of the Forest31821659.55%
9.46%Swamp Thing33019962.38%
9.34%Gold Dragon28923355.36%
9.18%Elven Cutthroat26424951.46%
8.05%Flesh Golem20124944.66%
7.58%Wood Nymph20921549.29%
6.63%Mushroom Seer18918250.94%
6.56%Enchanted Pixie17818948.5%
6.46%Ruler of the Seas19017152.63%
6.4%Skeleton Assassin18017850.27%
6.31%Feral Spirit19316054.67%
6.29%Elemental Phoenix18716553.12%
6.17%Javelin Thrower19614956.81%
6.1%Silvershield Paladin15218944.57%
6.03%Kobold Miner17016750.44%
5.95%Divine Healer16117248.34%
5.88%Spineback Turtle15317646.5%
5.74%Haunted Spirit15516648.28%
5.42%Goblin Shaman15714651.81%
5.35%Undead Priest14215747.49%
5.17%Fiendish Harpy15613353.97%
5.15%Goblin Sorcerer14814051.38%
4.95%Sea Genie14613152.7%
4.88%Defender of Truth13314048.71%
4.72%Lord of Darkness15311157.95%
4.7%Pirate Archer15610759.31%
4.7%Crystal Werewolf15410958.55%
4.65%Serpentine Soldier13112950.38%
4.42%Haunted Spider9814939.67%
4.29%Twisted Jester9814240.83%
4.06%Angel of Light12110653.3%
3.97%Magi of the Forest1338959.9%
3.86%Electric Eels11410252.77%
3.75%Giant Roc9012042.85%
3.75%Mermaid Healer1129853.33%
3.7%Exploding Dwarf9611146.37%
3.63%Flame Imp10310050.73%
3.61%Corrupted Pegasus1208259.4%
3.59%Dwarven Wizard9710448.25%
3.54%Fire Demon1079154.04%
3.14%Water Elemental948253.4%
2.97%Highland Archer937356.02%
2.93%Phantom Soldier729243.9%
2.8%Mischievous Mermaid768148.4%
2.8%Peaceful Giant857254.14%
2.73%Parasitic Growth827153.59%
2.72%Sabre Shark629040.78%
2.68%Pirate Captain717947.33%
2.66%Serpent of the Flame747549.66%
2.57%Silvershield Warrior608441.66%
2.39%Silvershield Bard686650.74%
2.36%Air Elemental508237.87%
2.34%Stone Golem716054.19%
2.27%Minotaur Warrior487937.79%
2.21%Chain Golem576745.96%
2.16%Sea Monster467538.01%
2.12%Cursed Slimeball645553.78%
2.12%Magi Sphinx645553.78%
2.09%Goblin Chef625552.99%
2.09%Divine Sorceress684958.11%
2.07%Undead Archer536345.68%
2.0%Naga Warrior545848.21%
1.93%Dragon Jumper565251.85%
1.89%Lightning Dragon654161.32%
1.86%Fire Beetle594556.73%
1.73%Pit Ogre613662.88%
1.71%Imp Bowman583860.41%
1.71%Spineback Wolf455146.87%
1.68%Naga Windmaster544057.44%
1.64%Sacred Unicorn425045.65%
1.62%Goblin Mech415045.05%
1.59%Enchanted Defender494055.05%
1.57%Beetle Queen365240.9%
1.57%Black Dragon375142.04%
1.46%Stonesplitter Orc334940.24%
1.46%Grumpy Dwarf305236.58%
1.43%Silvershield Knight305037.5%
1.34%Screaming Banshee274836.0%
1.32%Serpentine Spy373750.0%
1.23%Silvershield Archers303943.47%
1.21%Dark Enchantress303844.11%
1.19%Red Dragon353252.23%
1.18%Chromatic Dragon372956.06%
1.03%Skeletal Warrior332556.89%
1.02%Frozen Soldier282949.12%
1.02%Kron the Undying292850.87%
1.0%Feasting Seaweed243242.85%
1.0%Animated Corpse233341.07%
0.98%Clay Golem183732.72%
0.96%Frost Giant292553.7%
0.94%Failed Summoner252847.16%
0.91%Naga Fire Wizard242747.05%
0.91%Cave Slug222943.13%
0.87%Raging Impaler292059.18%
0.84%Phantom of the Abyss202742.55%
0.8%Dark Ha'on222348.88%
0.76%Fallen Specter202346.51%
0.75%War Chaang152735.71%
0.71%Goblin Thief162440.0%
0.69%The Vigilator231658.97%
0.68%Elven Mystic241463.15%
0.66%Khmer Princess191851.35%
0.64%Molten Ogre162044.44%
0.57%Ice Pixie122037.5%
0.55%Luminous Eagle102132.25%
0.53%Lord of Fire181260.0%
0.51%Coral Wraith111837.93%
0.51%Minotaur Warlord92031.03%
0.5%Dragonling Bowman131546.42%
0.5%Tower Griffin121642.85%
0.44%Mitica Headhunter121348.0%
0.41%Undead Badger101343.47%
0.41%High Priest Darius101343.47%
0.35%Lone Boatman91145.0%
0.32%Scale Doctor12666.66%
0.3%Fire Elemental51229.41%
0.3%Undead Minotaur51229.41%
0.3%Giant Scorpion41323.52%
0.28%Sniping Narwhal51131.25%
0.28%Child of the Forest7943.75%
0.26%Tortisian Fighter41126.66%
0.26%Elven Defender7846.66%
0.25%Horny Toad5935.71%
0.23%Serpent of Eld31023.07%
0.21%Spark Pixies7558.33%
0.21%Death Elemental6650.0%
0.21%Bone Golem9375.0%
0.21%Light Elemental5741.66%
0.21%Rusty Android6650.0%
0.19%Tortisian Chief4736.36%
0.17%Dark Astronomer3730.0%
0.16%Living Lava4544.44%
0.16%Battle Orca3633.33%
0.16%Unicorn Mustang6366.66%
0.14%Orc Sergeant5362.5%
0.12%Royal Dragon Archer2528.57%
0.1%Kobold Bruiser2433.33%
0.1%Azmare Harpoonist2433.33%
0.1%Goblin Chariot4266.66%
0.08%Giant Squid1420.0%
0.08%Crystal Jaguar2340.0%
0.07%Goblin Fireballer1325.0%
0.07%Magma Troll1325.0%
0.05%Gloridax Magus1233.33%
0.05%Spirit Miner1233.33%
0.03%Ferexia General020.0%
0.03%Darkest Mage020.0%
0.01%Dragon Whelp10100.0%



  • Selenia Sky is the second most used summoner in this league and also with a very good winrate, very different from previous leagues where we saw almost no legendary summoners.
  • The despised Malric Inferno is not doing so badly in this league, in fact of the "rare alpha-beta summoners" is the one with the best winrate.
  • Like the previous leagues there are three monsters that we see even in the soup, I mean the chicken, Lord A and the Ooze.
  • The most Used untamed card in this league is the Parasitic Growth with 53% winrate. I wonder if it has any relation to the rise of Malric? what do you think? leave me your comment.

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Good analysis. I can see Malric being popular with a heap of these melee-heavy cards. Also the speed-boosting fire supports, like flame imp and goblin shaman.

And besides the many debuffs there are for magicians and archers now.
Thanks for stopping by.

Nice information! A great Splinterlands post! ~@clove71

Thank you very much for your support.

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I don't think increasing the use of Parasitic Growth is because of Malric Inferno. In Fire Splinter they already have Serpentine Spy with more damage and faster speed. The only thing Parasitic Growth is better is the scavenger ability.

Yes but remember that you can use both on the same team, and Malric's bonus helps the parasite a lot.