Splinterlands Meta Snapshot: Champion League

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Hey monster maniacs, it's time to analyze the league where we all want to be but only a few mortals do, to be in this league not only need the best cards at their highest level, you also need the intelligence to choose the best cards for the right time and read your rival, of course I mean the Champion League.

This is the last post of the series and I want to thank all those who have been interested in my statistics and have given me their support, I have had a lot of fun and I have learned a lot these last few days.

To this day I have compiled a total of 17260 battles and I believe I have a healthy database that I will feed and clean daily to make good and varied reports.

But let's go straight to the data and then I'll keep talking to you.


1876 Battles Processed


% UsedSummonerWinsLossesWinrate
18.04%Selenia Sky32235547.56%
11.62%Tyrus Paladium22421251.37%
11.19%Prince Rennyn22719354.04%
6.95%Alric Stormbringer12114046.36%
6.84%Plado Emberstorm13012750.58%
4.45%Lyanna Natura798847.3%
3.94%Crypt Mancer796953.37%
3.41%Zintar Mortalis517739.84%
3.3%The Peakrider675754.03%
3.17%Daria Dragonscale645553.78%
3.11%Xander Foxwood635453.84%
3.06%Malric Inferno358030.43%
2.53%Xia Seachan514453.68%
2.47%Archmage Arius484551.61%
1.97%Kiara Lightbringer324243.24%
1.91%Talia Firestorm333945.83%
1.33%Jarlax the Undead272354.0%
0.85%Camila Sungazer161650.0%
0.58%Delwyn Dragonscale91340.9%
0.5%Prince Julian12763.15%
0.15%Wizard of Eastwood3350.0%
0.13%Neb Seni4180.0%
0.07%Contessa L'ament30100.0%



% UsedMonsterWinsLossesWinrate
31.87%Furious Chicken59560149.74%
29.98%Lord Arianthus57754851.28%
18.17%Creeping Ooze35632652.19%
17.69%Crustacean King36130354.36%
15.56%Earth Elemental30128351.54%
14.36%Swamp Thing28825153.43%
12.23%Gold Dragon24121852.5%
11.3%Spirit of the Forest23019454.24%
10.9%Elven Cutthroat20120849.14%
10.36%Enchanted Pixie21017953.98%
9.08%Feral Spirit18615554.54%
8.95%Prismatic Energy16916750.29%
7.64%Javelin Thrower15213552.96%
7.64%Crystal Werewolf14614150.87%
7.38%Goblin Shaman12615145.48%
7.35%Ruler of the Seas14712953.26%
6.87%Pirate Archer13512352.32%
6.87%Silvershield Paladin12912950.0%
6.74%Divine Healer11713646.24%
6.55%Electric Eels13211453.65%
6.44%Wood Nymph11213046.28%
6.36%Defender of Truth11812149.37%
6.21%Angel of Light12211152.36%
6.18%Spineback Turtle11511749.56%
6.13%Fiendish Harpy10412645.21%
5.97%Mushroom Seer11011449.1%
5.54%Elemental Phoenix9711146.63%
5.51%Flame Imp8512241.06%
5.09%Exploding Dwarf8610545.02%
5.06%Silvershield Bard1127858.94%
5.03%Mermaid Healer999052.38%
4.79%Goblin Sorcerer958552.77%
4.66%Peaceful Giant938253.14%
4.61%Sea Genie1017258.38%
4.5%Kobold Miner729742.6%
4.47%Flesh Golem739543.45%
4.37%Undead Priest907454.87%
4.26%Naga Warrior857553.12%
4.21%Serpentine Soldier778148.73%
4.21%Lord of Darkness857353.79%
4.1%Divine Sorceress807451.94%
3.99%Corrupted Pegasus846656.0%
3.97%Mischievous Mermaid777251.67%
3.91%Magi of the Forest777052.38%
3.73%Dwarven Wizard726851.42%
3.59%Haunted Spirit736254.07%
3.57%Cursed Slimeball874764.92%
3.43%Highland Archer676251.93%
3.27%Skeleton Assassin636051.21%
2.77%Stone Golem515349.03%
2.69%Silvershield Knight544753.46%
2.66%Chain Golem445644.0%
2.63%Pirate Captain415841.41%
2.61%Naga Windmaster514752.04%
2.55%Water Elemental405641.66%
2.53%Lightning Dragon524354.73%
2.47%Magi Sphinx573661.29%
2.39%Silvershield Warrior325835.55%
2.29%Fire Demon315536.04%
2.23%Goblin Chef424250.0%
1.83%Giant Roc264337.68%
1.81%Pit Ogre412760.29%
1.78%Serpent of the Flame274040.29%
1.75%Twisted Jester204630.3%
1.59%Imp Bowman273345.0%
1.59%Haunted Spider233738.33%
1.54%Sabre Shark233539.65%
1.46%Air Elemental223340.0%
1.43%Spineback Wolf282651.85%
1.43%Enchanted Defender302455.55%
1.41%Sea Monster213239.62%
1.41%Black Dragon302356.6%
1.41%Dragon Jumper292454.71%
1.38%Parasitic Growth272551.92%
1.33%Phantom Soldier183236.0%
1.27%Kron the Undying222645.83%
1.17%Undead Archer251956.81%
1.09%Death Elemental291270.73%
1.06%Failed Summoner241660.0%
1.01%Sacred Unicorn152339.47%
1.01%Red Dragon201852.63%
0.98%Minotaur Warrior181948.64%
0.93%Cave Slug221362.85%
0.93%Chromatic Dragon171848.57%
0.9%Frozen Soldier181652.94%
0.79%Fire Elemental151550.0%
0.79%Dark Ha'on171356.66%
0.77%Fire Beetle92031.03%
0.77%Khmer Princess151451.72%
0.77%Raging Impaler191065.51%
0.74%Coral Wraith101835.71%
0.71%Grumpy Dwarf111640.74%
0.69%Frost Giant91734.61%
0.69%Mitica Headhunter111542.3%
0.66%Beetle Queen81732.0%
0.66%Ice Pixie16964.0%
0.66%Minotaur Warlord101540.0%
0.66%Clay Golem111444.0%
0.66%Elven Mystic17868.0%
0.63%Serpentine Spy121250.0%
0.63%Child of the Forest121250.0%
0.63%Screaming Banshee81633.33%
0.61%Silvershield Archers101343.47%
0.55%Spark Pixies101147.61%
0.55%Skeletal Warrior101147.61%
0.55%Fallen Specter12957.14%
0.55%Goblin Mech101147.61%
0.53%Phantom of the Abyss11955.0%
0.53%Darkest Mage15575.0%
0.53%Dragonling Bowman91145.0%
0.5%Lone Boatman11857.89%
0.47%Goblin Fireballer71138.88%
0.47%Feasting Seaweed61233.33%
0.45%Stonesplitter Orc51229.41%
0.42%Naga Fire Wizard21412.5%
0.42%The Vigilator10662.5%
0.42%Tower Griffin10662.5%
0.39%Dark Enchantress31220.0%
0.39%Scale Doctor10566.66%
0.37%Lord of Fire41028.57%
0.34%Animated Corpse8561.53%
0.26%Luminous Eagle7370.0%
0.23%Molten Ogre1811.11%
0.23%High Priest Darius6366.66%
0.21%Undead Minotaur3537.5%
0.18%Tortisian Fighter3442.85%
0.18%Undead Badger4357.14%
0.18%War Chaang4357.14%
0.18%Tortisian Chief2528.57%
0.15%Sniping Narwhal2433.33%
0.15%Goblin Thief2433.33%
0.15%Giant Scorpion2433.33%
0.15%Bone Golem2433.33%
0.15%Crystal Jaguar3350.0%
0.13%Living Lava3260.0%
0.13%Azmare Harpoonist2340.0%
0.1%Serpent of Eld3175.0%
0.1%Unicorn Mustang1325.0%
0.1%Light Elemental2250.0%
0.07%Rusty Android030.0%
0.07%Goblin Chariot30100.0%
0.05%Kobold Bruiser020.0%
0.05%Ferexia General020.0%
0.05%Orc Sergeant1150.0%
0.05%Dark Astronomer1150.0%
0.05%Royal Dragon Archer1150.0%
0.05%Horny Toad1150.0%
0.02%Magma Troll010.0%
0.02%Battle Orca10100.0%
0.02%Giant Squid010.0%
0.02%Dragon Whelp10100.0%
0.02%Gloridax Magus10100.0%
0.02%Spirit Miner10100.0%



  • The legendary Selenia Sky is the most used summoner in this league however it has a slightly negative winrate.

  • Among the 5 most used summoner is Valnamor who has the highest percentage of victories per fight.

  • We already know that the most used monsters in all Splinterlands are the chicken, Lord A and the Ooze. This time they are followed by the Crustacean King and the Cocatrice.

  • The cursed slimeball with its redemption ability is the most used untamed monster in this league with an excellent winrate of almost 65%.

Thank you all very much for keeping an eye on these statistics, as I said before I am very pleased to do this, I already have a healthy database and a stable code, so for the next time I could publish all the statistics in a single post, although I think that treating them separately can better appreciate the details and differences between leagues, but in the end I want you to decide, leave me your comment as you think better to post this in the future.

I'm going to take a day or two making some changes and then bring a new report from another approach, filtering the results by ruleset or something like that, I'm also open to any suggestion on your part.

See you in the game.

The images used in this post belong to or are inspired by Splinterlands. a TCG game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.


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