Splinterlands Meta Snapshot: Bronze League

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Hi monster maniacs, since the new Untamed expansion came out I have been collecting information of the battles and I have been storing them in a small database to be able to analyze and study them, for now, I have stored information of 9291 battles and in this post I will share part of them with you.


At first I had thought of sharing with you information about all the leagues, but I realized that I don't have much data from the diamond and champion leagues, so I'll wait a couple more days to collect enough information so that it can be reliable data, you know, more bigger the sample, better the results.

Also, with the new Untamed cards, the information is too much to be processed by us, so I think that breaking all this down by leagues is much more practical to understand the metagame.

Then I leave you the table that indicates the percentage of use that has a certain character, their victories, defeats and the percentage of times he is victorious in the bronze league.


2307 Total Battles analysed


% UsedSummonerWinsLossesWinratio
26.05%Tyrus Paladium35324858.73%
23.32%Malric Inferno24429445.35%
20.97%Lyanna Natura17630836.36%
20.06%Zintar Mortalis20026343.19%
19.63%Alric Stormbringer20924446.13%
4.81%Daria Dragonscale743766.66%
0.95%Mother Khala14863.63%
0.95%Contessa L'ament13959.09%
0.6%Wizard of Eastwood7750.0%
0.26%Camila Sungazer4266.66%
0.21%Kiara Lightbringer1420.0%
0.21%Selenia Sky50100.0%
0.17%Delwyn Dragonscale3175.0%
0.13%Plado Emberstorm30100.0%
0.13%The Peakrider2166.66%
0.13%Jarlax the Undead30100.0%
0.08%Prince Rennyn20100.0%
0.08%Neb Seni1150.0%
0.04%Talia Firestorm010.0%
0.04%Xander Foxwood010.0%
0.04%Crypt Mancer10100.0%



% UsedMonsterWinsLossesWinratio
39.87%Creeping Ooze48643452.82%
37.71%Elven Cutthroat31056035.63%
35.76%Furious Chicken51331262.18%
29.08%Goblin Mech40526660.35%
18.68%Kobold Miner19423745.01%
18.59%Haunted Spirit19223744.75%
15.82%Sea Monster21914660.0%
15.82%Feral Spirit19616953.69%
14.73%Haunted Spider13520539.7%
14.65%Skeleton Assassin14119741.71%
14.39%Stonesplitter Orc9923329.81%
12.91%Divine Healer2227674.49%
12.83%Fire Beetle11618039.18%
12.57%Water Elemental11817240.68%
11.92%Crustacean King11116440.36%
11.79%Silvershield Paladin1868668.38%
11.14%Spineback Turtle9216535.79%
11.09%Pit Ogre10615041.4%
10.83%Wood Nymph14011056.0%
10.74%Goblin Sorcerer6917927.82%
10.53%Silvershield Knight11412946.91%
10.14%Grumpy Dwarf8514936.32%
9.96%Giant Roc10013043.47%
8.58%Pirate Archer1118756.06%
7.67%Flesh Golem7410341.8%
7.54%Silvershield Warrior779744.25%
7.54%Highland Archer799545.4%
7.49%Pirate Captain5511831.79%
7.45%Air Elemental1472585.46%
6.71%Prismatic Energy1144173.54%
5.72%Minotaur Warrior567642.42%
5.33%Sea Genie754860.97%
4.94%Javelin Thrower684659.64%
4.85%Silvershield Archers516145.53%
4.29%Mushroom Seer554455.55%
4.03%Imp Bowman583562.36%
3.98%Twisted Jester613166.3%
3.81%Undead Priest533560.22%
3.72%Ruler of the Seas671977.9%
3.33%Naga Fire Wizard443357.14%
3.2%Phantom Soldier522270.27%
2.64%Skeletal Warrior352657.37%
2.38%Goblin Shaman332260.0%
2.38%Animated Corpse163929.09%
2.34%Screaming Banshee272750.0%
2.12%Sacred Unicorn40981.63%
1.99%Mischievous Mermaid37980.43%
1.86%Flame Imp212248.83%
1.86%Earth Elemental241955.81%
1.64%Fire Demon251365.78%
1.6%Exploding Dwarf191851.35%
1.6%Undead Minotaur152240.54%
1.56%Crystal Werewolf152141.66%
1.47%Defender of Truth27779.41%
1.43%Beetle Queen151845.45%
1.38%Magi of the Forest221068.75%
1.34%Feasting Seaweed131841.93%
1.25%Swamp Thing22775.86%
1.12%Naga Windmaster121446.15%
1.12%Enchanted Pixie141253.84%
1.08%Rusty Android121348.0%
1.04%Serpentine Spy16866.66%
0.95%Clay Golem121054.54%
0.91%Tower Griffin111052.38%
0.86%Light Elemental17385.0%
0.82%Living Lava11857.89%
0.82%Ice Pixie18194.73%
0.82%Elven Defender91047.36%
0.78%Fallen Specter14477.77%
0.78%Parasitic Growth13572.22%
0.65%Spark Pixies10566.66%
0.65%Cave Slug13286.66%
0.65%Divine Sorceress10566.66%
0.6%Dark Enchantress9564.28%
0.56%Serpentine Soldier10376.92%
0.56%Unicorn Mustang8561.53%
0.47%Goblin Fireballer7463.63%
0.47%Fire Elemental8372.72%
0.47%Undead Badger8372.72%
0.47%Horny Toad5645.45%
0.47%Magi Sphinx9281.81%
0.47%Lord Arianthus10190.9%
0.43%Serpent of Eld7370.0%
0.39%Khmer Princess6366.66%
0.39%Darkest Mage7277.77%
0.39%Lone Boatman6366.66%
0.39%Goblin Chariot7277.77%
0.34%Spineback Wolf3537.5%
0.34%Bone Golem5362.5%
0.3%Sabre Shark5271.42%
0.3%Stone Golem4357.14%
0.3%Black Dragon4357.14%
0.26%Frozen Soldier2433.33%
0.26%Sniping Narwhal4266.66%
0.26%Giant Squid3350.0%
0.26%Orc Sergeant4266.66%
0.26%Goblin Thief2433.33%
0.26%Cursed Slimeball5183.33%
0.21%Magma Troll1420.0%
0.21%Coral Wraith3260.0%
0.21%Failed Summoner2340.0%
0.21%Mitica Headhunter4180.0%
0.21%Death Elemental4180.0%
0.21%Undead Archer4180.0%
0.21%Luminous Eagle4180.0%
0.21%Elven Mystic2340.0%
0.21%Dwarven Wizard50100.0%
0.21%War Chaang3260.0%
0.21%Tortisian Chief50100.0%
0.17%Kobold Bruiser3175.0%
0.17%Molten Ogre2250.0%
0.17%Child of the Forest3175.0%
0.17%Giant Scorpion2250.0%
0.17%Dark Astronomer3175.0%
0.13%Elemental Phoenix30100.0%
0.13%Azmare Harpoonist30100.0%
0.13%Kron the Undying2166.66%
0.13%Chromatic Dragon30100.0%
0.08%Battle Orca20100.0%
0.08%Electric Eels20100.0%
0.08%Frost Giant20100.0%
0.08%Spirit of the Forest1150.0%
0.08%Lord of Darkness20100.0%
0.08%Crystal Jaguar20100.0%
0.08%Silvershield Bard20100.0%
0.08%Lightning Dragon20100.0%
0.08%Dragon Jumper1150.0%
0.08%Peaceful Giant020.0%
0.08%Spirit Miner20100.0%
0.04%Goblin Chef10100.0%
0.04%High Priest Darius10100.0%
0.04%Gold Dragon10100.0%
0.04%Enchanted Defender10100.0%
0.04%Raging Impaler10100.0%



Although you see very little the new untamed summoners in the bronze league, all except pyre have a great performance with a winrate above 50% and most of them even above 60%.

Also untamed monsters are very little used in this league, but with a very good performance the few times we can see them.

I hope that in the other leagues I can find more data on the new characters, wait for the next report tomorrow.

There are still some adjustments I need to make to my code, apply some filters for the different rulesets and mana caps, but in general, I think they are quite reliable data taken from multiple active players. Also, I must implement a mechanism to debug the database and always contain battles of the last 7 days, I'm working on it.

I hope this info helps you when building your teams in the bronze league and do not hesitate to leave your comment.


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It takes some time to see more Untamed cards on the battlefield. Thanks for your statistics.

Thank you, the truth, I'm a little disappointed because I expected to see more untamed cards in this league, I hope the outlook changes in the top leagues.

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Great analytics! I love seeing breakdowns like this. Thanks for your hard work and sharing this to Twitter!

It is a pleasure for me to do these analyses, I have fun while I am learning, thank you very much for the support.