Esteban further describes his "Light Balls"

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Understanding how google works Esteban suggested this morning that we search for "light balls in the night" in order to find an image which resembles the coloured balls of light he says come to comfort him in the night, floating around his bed.

As one would expect, the images section of google was filled with a rich variety of choice. Flicking through them all Esteban did not seem to resonate with anything until suddenly he pointed at one, exclaiming "There Sam! That's what they look like"

download 2.jpeg

He said the outer lights move in a circle around the inner lights and that there may have been more lights than in this image.

Interesting. Can anyone guess where I am going to take this now?

Metatron's Cube

Depicted here on a flag hanging in our living room.


I have not told him about the significance of this shape, which by the way is considered to be the most sacred of all the sacred geometric figures.

The spheres represent a feminine aspect of creation, the lines the masculine. The weaving of them together creates total interconnectedness and wholeness. The shapes that create the universe are inside of it's structure. ​This is the most sacred of the figures and the number 13 has it's significance. It's said the 13 spheres represent: 13 archangels, 13 energy centers, or chakras, and the 13 keys of creation. source

Asking him to draw his "Light Balls" following on from our google experience, this is what he came up with.


Count and you will find 13 circles.

He can see how interested I am in this and suggested this morning we both get into his bed to try and make them come. We tried but it didn't work. They only come when he is scared he says. After this he suggested I set up my camera and film his bed all night, which isn't a bad idea! Though I do wonder if they would be visible to a camera?

The fact that he was the one to suggest this to me again seems to confirm the truth around what he is saying.

And do you really think he would select an image which resembles the most sacred shape in sacred geometry... by chance? I don't think so.


For those of you who missed it, here is the moment I learned about this for the first time on Sunday.

All in all I am feeling pretty excited by this knowledge and blessed to have such a connected teacher by my side every day. Very much looking forward to the lessons he has in store for me.


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Love so much how you raising your kids brother! BTW you got a typo in "metaton" which I believe you meants "Metatron", just in case you care, I'm sure that people who get it get it! :D Much Love your way!

You are a legend!

I would much rather learn how things are correctly said/written than just be left to continue getting it wrong ;)


Hey @samstonehill. I thought i had alredy commented here but cant see the comment, so i'll try again.
Your post inspired me to write a post about sphere/cubes which i had been thinking about doing for a month or so. You can see it here:
I remember seeing many "orbs" floating in the air one evening as i was leaving Burning Man several yeas back. I had the feeling they were angelic beings supporting me in some way.


Am pleased Esteban inspired you brother! Great to learn this. I had a quick look at your post and wow... looks epic.

Fantastic experience to have had at a festival! You are blessed. Esteban has since explained to me that the orbs used to visit me when I was his age but I have forgotten because no one believed me when I told them about it. Which actually sounds very possible! Amazing children :)