Is this Psychic's GET WOKE BOOTCAMP a scam or just new age cringe?

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Elizabeth April is a new age youtuber who claims to be a psychic and uses her YT channel to literally channel information from Aliens to us. This influencer was brought to my attention by one of my subscribers, who left me a comment linking me to Elizabeth April's school of awakening which also happens to be the same as Eckhart Tolle's school.

Advertised on Elizabeth April's website is the get woke bootcamp for $111 and The 3D to the 5D shift masterclass for $499. In this video I will be taking a look at these cringey courses and see if there is actually any substance behind the woo woo jargon.

You can find Elizabeth April's Channel here:

And the link to her website: https://schoolofawakening.elizabethap...

Also in one of Elizabeth April's videos she says that she was told by aliens not to do research and she now astral travels to meet the galactic federation of light to channel information. Make of that what you will - im not anti-alien contact just use discernment! I also wonder if they also instructed her to make these courses 🤔

Another thing on EAs website she has those typical commercial marketing strategy pop ups every minute they say something like.. "Maria from the USA enrolled" etc if you do the math on how much money she would make in just one hour alone would be: 60 x $499.99 = $29,999.40 😅🤣 it's so obvious this is a cheesy plugin for the website.


expose those grifters!

it seems like thats what i have to do! thank u

Great video - I had no idea you were doing this sort of thing, there's an urgent need for it I think - the Spiritual Supermarket has gone into hyperdrive it seems since I first came across the concept in the '90s.

As someone whose into Zen and only Zen, thankfully all of this is something I can look at with a certain level of detachment, but I do feel sorry for so many people wasting their money on these services, and I feel equally as sorry for the people taking the money - if they are actually not total scam artists they've got a lot of ego to keep fed, that must be exhausting.

I can however recommend everyone invest in a decent meditation cushion - $50 on one of those is money well spent, after that it's really just a matter of sitting there, then you can get all the spiritual benefits you need for free!

thank you! altho i think there is much more to spirituality than just meditating or it kind depends what is ones cup of tea, but basically what it comes down to is spirituality is free, sometimes its not easy or quick and paying for some quick fix is not going to get you there any quicker, and there ultimately is no there or arriving, the path continues on

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Nice to meet you @celesitialcow - I run the marketing for Elizabeth April and I would love to discuss your comment and understand the reasoning for posting this? Just wondering what your intention was with this post and if we can offer a free course in-exchange for understanding the purpose of your post. Looking forward to your reply.

I personally would like clarification on her Lupus cure claim. How she describes the long process with a rheumatologist to even get an initial diagnosis and her “one blood test” 6 months after dietary changes and raising her vibrations, she returns for one blood test and her Lupus is gone. Lupus is NOT diagnosed via a single blood test - so no one can be “gone” of this autoimmune disease by merely a single blood test. A positive ANA test not determine Lupus, that can be attributed to numerous disorders - just like a negative one does not mean one is cured. This repeated story she tells annoys me since there are many out there with severe autoimmune issues, including Lupus, and she is trying to claim she cured hers - and it seems she never actually HAD it going by her own story - which she has told numerous times in her videos and at least twice in her book. This soured me completely.