How Much Technology Evolved!

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Thoughts crossed my mind recently to learn at least the basics of Python. Just to satisfy my curiosity, knowing it's a language used often in the Steem ecosystem.

I have an idea why I didn't learn it in school. It was too new to make it into the school curricula, even at the university.

I looked at its first release date: 1991.

Back around that time, I had my first contact with a programming language, a subset of BASIC in a operating system called Spectrum and which needed only 16KB of ROM memory. The machine it ran on had 64KB of memory in total, which means you had at your disposal 48KB of memory.

I had two such home computers running this Spectrum OS, one called TimS, then the other one HC 91, both produced in Romania. The operating system was a clone of the OS created by Sinclair in 1982.

I wish I had any of my hyper-old home computers so I can try what this guy tried with his ZX Spectrum. Well, I would need a tape with something to load and a cassette player too.

If you want to be transported down the memory lane, watch his video, which I dug up while searching for some information about the old Spectrum OS.

His video is a romanced version of what often happened when trying to load something from a tape. Usually during loading time you crossed your fingers to have a clean load. Otherwise you'd start from the beginning. And we are talking about minutes of loading, after re-positioning the tape at the beginning.

That was less than 30 years ago. Maybe less than 25 for some. We seem light years away, don't we, with our smartphones, blockchains, AI development, and whatever else is coming?
. (pausing to get back to present - see, we already invented teleportation too!)
Now that I'm back, I'll go ahead and take a look at Python basics.

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