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RE: SpaceX set to launch first ever commercial crew to the International Space Station

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Amazing man! I've been to the space centre in Florida and Houston and enjoy learning about Astronomy and space. Definitely going to be tuning in for the launch!

So cool you got to work there for a few months! I'm jealous haha!


That's really cool! Did you go to the visitor's complex or into the VAB?

I worked at the European Space Agency for 2 years. And before that studied at the International Space University where I got to spend 3 months in Florida at Kennedy :)

Well the JFK visit in Florida was back in 1999 but from what I remember, we went on a guided tour around and ended up seeing the Saturn V rockets, touched the moon rock that they had on display and remember it being so smooth! I think that may be because like a million people had touched it and it's been smoothed over time haha!

When I went to the Space Station in Houston in 2015, we also had a guided tour and went to Mission Control, saw the Saturn V rockets (again! They were even bigger than I remember from 1999 haha). Loved it!

That's so cool you worked at ESA! I was hoping to do a post-doc or another research project at Open University studying moon rock samples from the Apollo missions as they found some unopened sample canisters from 1971 but a week later, corona pandemic happened and wiped out any hopes with that ambition! Still have the Brian Cox text books to keep me entertained with the science though 😊 Maybe when this is all over and things come back I'll explore that avenue again... We'll see!