SpaceX and the new era of space travel.

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I cannot be more excited about the situation right now. Not about the protests in America, but the things that push humanity forward in space exploration. I decided to write this post just to share my thoughts on the modern space exploration and especially SpaceX.

Bringing astronauts to the ISS is not new, for sure. Bringing them from American soil isn’t either. The new thing here is that it’s achieved by a private company, not NASA and Roscosmos. And this is amazing. Amazing is how a human’s dreams are becoming real, although not at the fast pace, that he thought. And my opinion is that Elon Musk is one of the greatest geniuses of our time. Let’s hope his dreams of flying the Starship become a reality soon.

I have not been born when humans set foot on the moon. I think many of the people here in hive might not be born too. And no one have seen such detailed videos from aboard the rockets the team of SpaceX is broadcasting live at every launch. This makes me happy, that I’m able to experience, even a bit, this tremendous and breathtaking engineering masterpieces - the rockets and Falcon 9 particularly.
I feel that we are closer and closer to seeing humans go to the moon again. For sure, we will all be able to see this live, on the internet. And as I have not experienced this before, not anyone in the last decades, it will seem as happening for the first time. At least as exciting as the first time a man walked on the moon.

Well, the road of SpaceX’s team will be bumpy and hard, they will lost test prototypes of Starship like the SN4 one, in a spectacular explosions, but eventually we will see this bulky beast fly. I’m sure about the success of Elon Musk, because he is not only a chairman of the company, but he is a chief engineer too. A man, graduated rocket engineering. A man with dreams and confident that they will become true one day.

And after the successful Crew Dragon Demo 2 mission, I am waiting for the faster development of the SN5 and SN6 prototypes.

I’m happy, that we live in such an exciting era. An era, full of space exploration progress and many companies working on a reusable vehicle, that can carry people out in the open space. With reducing the prices of seats in modern spacecrafts more and more people will be able to fly into space. Why not ordinary people like me also have the chance to go closer to the stars?

For now we can only dream and watch the progress of the private companies. Exciting!