Touchdown on Mars!!! NASA's Perseverance landing successful!

in #space2 months ago

It really happened! Almost a decade after the landing of Curiosity, NASA successfully lands an even more complex rover on the red planet, Perseverance!


The first 3 images retrieved by Perseverance just minutes after it's successful landing was confirmed

Needlesst to say as a space geek and former ESA employee, I've been looking forward to this day for years and watched the event live with others in my professional network. Even feeling emotional right now.

You can watch the landing and post coverage on NASA TV right now.

What an incredible moment!!!


Watched it live on Twitter and felt inspired myself - so much so have applied for a Masters in Space Science starting next year - will see if I get accepted!

Hahah! Love it! :D

I also feel a surge of energy, optimism and motivation when I see what we're capable of doing and how we're moving forward as a species.

Absolutely incredible just watched full run through human race does never cease to amaze sometimes

Hive developers should be inspired by this successful and historic scientific achievement. Let's persevere too. Hive to the moon, or better, Mars.

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