Debunking UFOs: Incident in Montello

in #space7 months ago

This incident was NOT debunked previously, this is my original review, but there were some people suggesting that it could be a police chopper. If you have ever done long-exposure photography, you know that this is more than a possible visual result.

I also believe this is genuine confusion, not a preplanned well-packaged lie.

I know some people really believe in aliens - personally, I am very sure we are not alone - but the people really should not assign a UFO label to a police search drone like a guy from Montello before checking up all the other options.

Even if it looks like something unusual.

I know it is weird, but those really look like that. They are also dangerous to flying at night as they can accidentally collide with passenger planes and/or cause other damage and even human casualties.

Based on a model this is a police drone and it flies low above rural areas possibly during routine night surveillance.

And they actually have one there, and it looks near identical to one on an image. A huge torch pointed light and a swarm of red blinkers on top. Other smaller models are different, but this one is well equipped and it does look like a thing from another planet.

They can fly extremely fast and low, an engine produces a sound similar to a mix of a chopper and a big fat mosquito.
And in many cases, they are rather silent ( that's the point as they are used for surveillance) and can swiftly change angles and path of flying because of their much smaller size than regular flying machines.
There is even a YouTube video taken by the drone in Montello a few months after that event, and a person who uploaded it or somebody associated works for the police department.

I believe he saw that one above his house because absolutely all features fit and even a bit of a long exposure camera can produce a distorted image. But, essentially that is it, and even the landing sleds are visible.

So before assuming it is a UFO, try to identify what could it be and thoroughly check all possibilities. Also, imagination is not a reason to have a complete nervous breakdown. We can be obliterated by far bigger forces from space but an alien invasion.

At least this is a product of confusion and it is fine. There are other more malignant individuals and they scene the entire thing with an objective. Infamous thermal, blur, and composite videos are all over the internet and many of them are not just factually wrong, misleading, and delusional ... but also made with an intent to profit either off the platform or in some other way.
Videos of such a nature should be demonetized. It is another thing to publish, and completely another thing to profit off a lie. Or at least mark it as a speculation, fiction, a parody.


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I'm surprised to see a hiver who actually doesn't buy into this alien-UFO plot. People love to write and read about scifi and fringe content here, hehe. But that goes beyond Hive. Mick West is far less popular than the charlatans on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens for example.

I write SF, plot can be tricky and I also studied ancient history and astronomy from when I was like 9.
I am interested in ALL conspiracy theories and fringe because people essentially extracted all of today's science and technology from magic, imagination, and even art and bullshit in general. Today we have movies and cgi.
Ancient Aliens are good series as it brings a lot of information and all of that we can put to question.

As from the speculative theories - aliens, flat earth, pyramids, and cryptids are my favorite.
I described the flat earth conspiracy years ago in two blog posts, some people on Hive thought I was for real lol, and an actual tech folk asked me to describe better silicon trees because an idea of those artificial trees sounds extremely intriguing.

YouTube is by the way the worst. They have deep fakes that are believable to that level that people just can't see the difference between an actual person to an animation.

Thanks for dropping by 🖖🐝

The problem of paying attention to conspiracy theories, even if we personally recognize that they are not true and we find them entertaining, is that by doing so, pseudoscientific things are echoed, often for the sake of sensationalism and to sell, and unfortunately many people, whether gullible or victims of bad education, believe them. Spreading pseudoscience does not help humanity, but rather harms it, it is disinformation, it is an attempt against education. Real science and real nature are infinitely more intriguing, more interesting and richer than the plots of pseudoscience, and yet many people love to hear about the latter instead. Try reading the first chapter of Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World and you will understand my point better.

Ancient Aliens are good series as it brings a lot of information and all of that we can put to question

Oh boy, no. Quite the opposite. They are spreading misinformation everywhere. Most of them are just writers, not real scientists. They are exploiting the power of sensationalism as is the History Channel. It is not at all committed to science popularization, it wants to sell. Ancient Aliens have long been exposed and debunked by real scientists. Watch this excellent documentary, for example:

Too much of Independence day. 🤣

Thanks!!! 🖖🐝