Black hole - one of the mysterious secrets of space !!

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They are space monsters that devour any energy or mass that falls within their gravitational field. It is a very large mass located in a space or a very small size where it is represented in a star whose mass is 10 times greater than the sun in a circular field of New York City diameter. It results in a very strong gravitational field so that the light itself cannot escape from it.


The black hole results from the death of the stars, as the stars have their ages, which they live glowing after, cool or even explode under the influence of their massive gravity, and that occurs in stars that are three times larger than the sun or as a result of the explosion of two stars and turn into dust and waves hovering in space and the heart remains

It is the black hole, the existence of which explained Einstein's theory of general relativity. The black hole cannot be observed by ordinary telescopes, which detect x-rays or light rays, but it is discovered by the influence of any nearby star that we can see as it is torn heading towards it in a circular motion and its speed increases as it approaches it At the moment the star collides with the black hole, it produces a lot of radiation and waves that are monitored on the ground and from the satellites, and it also produces gases that revolve around it, and its temperature rises dramatically.

It was recently discovered that black holes while absorbing the energies around them emit gamma rays with tremendous force that push more stars near them and also help to form new stars in other areas.

 Black holes are the centers of galaxies, and these mass masses are very massive, equal to the mass of 4 million stars. Our galaxy is the Milky Way, which contains our solar system. It has its own central black hole as well. To grow up

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