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There isn't a lot I would like to tell you about myself.

I love you.

But if you must know I like,

  • Long walks. Regardless of whether they are on the beach.
  • Deep thoughts that spiral into endless tangents and then collapse like the mythical black hole.
  • I think we know less than we think about everything.
  • I want to be less wrong.
  • I hope we can do better.
  • I like Tea.
  • I think you are neat.

Won't you tell me your name.

  • I believe that you have rights. So do I. None of them are built into the fabric of the universe, though.
  • I hate mean actions, but I sometimes fail myself.
  • I hate wasting energy on destructive loops.
  • I still dream about ruling the world. Sometimes it goes well, other times not so much.