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RE: Are you like Socrates - that is, are you asking questions?

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I think you also have to ask why he didn't write things down?

I suspect it is because the intellectuals of his day (the sophists) were skilled at using paradoxes to turn all discussions inside out.

Because he couldn't write things down, he would have to start each of his conversations from scratch.

Still the Socratic Method of systematically questioning the foundations of reason has proven to be extremely valuable. It is sad that societies tend to persecute people who ask the difficult questions.


Haha, you are definitely one who has some understanding of Socrates, and really the question about why he didn't write things down himself is truly a great question.

I believe that it is so important that we teach children to ask questions, not just to memorize... you need much more wisdom and knowledge to ask a good question than to memorize data!