Back to the Bad Old Days: the Return of the Inquisition

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I see today that I am not alone in noting the religious nature of AGW alarmism. Both @squirrelbait and @shepz1 today post regarding both the high priestess of the new orthodoxy, and the nature of the Extinction Rebellion cult. The most alarming aspect of this new cult is not the self admission it seeks to cause it's victims terror, but it's posture as rational.


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That people could undertake to become religious fanatics implementing a new Inquisition is perhaps inobvious for folks that believe we have transcended such ignorance, but that people would claim to be rational in that effort is mind-boggling. They wield icons they believe are based on factual evidence, derived from scientific research, and vituperate unbelievers as 'deniers'. Apostate, infidels, pagans in the incipient orthodoxy.

When we observe other cults do this with their iconography, we note their rejection of science. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, all sects previously have claimed science is rejecting blind faith and that reason is somehow posturing as rejection of revealed truth, which makes grasping false doctrines facile. This new cult however, postulates that scientism is rational and that apostates and infidels reject science itself, despite the completely irrational claims the cult makes about science and reason.

"The science is settled." is utterly anti-science, yet non-scientists untrained in the scientific method are unaware of the fact that science itself is simply the rejection of assumptions and search for proofs of falsity. Cultists are indoctrinated to completely reject the scientific method while proclaiming rhetoric elevating science to a sacred narrative.

Nothing could be more exemplary of blind assumption than the claim 'the science is settled.' A cult that is dedicated to the principle of rejection of questioning and to the institution of terror could not be more prone to horrific crimes against humanity, nature, and science itself, and I believe we can anticipate conversion by the sword, burnings at the stake, and tests of faith no less irrational then those trials by torture and murder that were so bloodily undertaken in witch trials but recently in our history.

The psychology underlying this cult is carefully crafted by state indoctrination from birth, in public schools that inculcate incapacity to reason in lieu of acceptance of clearly untrue statements. I pointed out in the Mustang series of essays how geographical lies are imposed on children at the age when children are first exposed to the school system, their injection into it upending their sense of safety, no longer protected from bullies or able to depend on parents to protect them from strangers. They accept the lies to avoid being singled out for scorning by the herd, and this is intentionally inflicted on them to etch into their brains that process of accepting false narratives to conform.

It is these who have best adapted to that paradigm, who best reject the evidence of their own eyes and ears, who most deny that skeptic within them that prompts scientific inquiry, that most loudly proclaim society has advanced to transcend barbarism, that people could never return to savage torture as state policy witch hunts and Inquistion of dissidents. Even as Julian Assange is tortured to death for questioning the state regarding it's crimes against humanity, such mind controlled sheeple deny society is susceptible to such manipulation and deployment as terrorists ever again while championing that very torture.

While their reason has been psychosurgically excised by their indoctrinations and they really do not consciously know what they do, they cannot be excused from responsibility for their crimes, both of terrorizing society, and through supporting terrorism against their peers by the institutions they worship, state and NGO alike. Responsibility for authority cannot be ignored, rejected, or pretense it does not exist apply. It is a natural consequence of sovereignty, just as gravity is a property of mass. It is why our rights are inherent. Irresponsibility is the most obvious feature of the successful graduates of the anti-science indoctrination posing as education today.

What else could one expect of a system so carefully crafted and implemented to derange people as public school? Little boys are incessantly drowned in propaganda that demonizes them, teaches them men are evil, and then offers them a way to become women, letting them know that original sin of being male can be surgically forgiven, that they too can join the free bleeding feminine and become acceptable to the cult. Little girls are sexualized, inculcated with power to rule men through sex, taught that promiscuity increases their worth, while in truth it destroys their capacity to pair bond with mate or child.


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White and male privilege of the evil rulers of Earth is what they are taught to reject, that they can become the blessed victims who are justified and redeemed by their confessions of their guilt, and sexual subservience to those very men in power. This is the continual refrain of based soyboys and empowered women across the West today, and their voices join together in demanding policies of victimhood, demanding terror, torture, and subjugation. We see cuckoldry, promiscuity, and self-mutiliation elevated to holiness, practitioners sanctified and criticism or scorn of them literally crimininalized by the state that is the primary vector for these derangements.


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This ironic cadre of cultists devoted to their oppressors, seeking glory in their victimization by their profane Primates, filled with the zeal of the proselyte, blinded to the veritable hell their actions bring forth while their eyes are deceived by induced hallucinations of minds addicted to dopamine rushes produced by obedience and societal approval.

It is the penultimate attainment of the Orwellian society predicted in 1984, hordes of obedient thralls able to doublethink, doublespeak, and destroy whatever they are told to hate. Twain observed that it is far easier to fool a man than to reveal that he has been fooled, and our Western civilization has been transformed into a death cult dedicated to degradation, self-destruction, and suicide, censoring every evidence of their insanity, and seeking to punish anyone that would tell the truth with terminal torture at the hands of their prophets.

Many of us that still retain the capacity of reason see that these or those aspects of the whole are irrational and harmful. We can see that man-hating feminism is bad, or that communism is, or the evil done to our sons by promotion of homosexuality and voluntary castration. Perhaps we grasp the AGW alarmist lies, or MIGA, or the horror of police state surveillance. What is rare is to grasp that all of these lies and destruction of civil society are not mere accident, that they are all intentionally and deliberately inflicted through institutions ultimately controlled by a core group of banksters intent on a final global despotism in which they will be deified and rule with absolute authority forever.


IMG source - adapted from meme on 4chan

Call me a conspiracy theorist. You define you thereby, not me. I am a scientist, whose method is to eliminate things that cannot be true from my beliefs, and to tentatively accept what I cannot disprove as potentially true. If you instead believe what you are told without testing it against source, other known facts, and reason itself, you are a conspirator.

If you believe what your indoctrinators tell you without challenging it to the best of your ability, you are a faithful cultist, chattel, and the tip of the spear thrust into the heart of your free people by your enemies. If you accuse those that think for themselves of being conspiracy theorists, you accuse them of apostasy, and reveal you are a science denier, because you accuse the very scientific method when you accuse those that apply it. If you deride conspiracy theorists, you are a member of the conspiracy.

When you seek to censor, you claim your beliefs cannot stand up to rational consideration. When you decry hate crimes, you commit them yourself by defending the cause of hate. Anger is the child of fear, and fear is our best friend, enabling us to escape danger. Hate is defense against a threat, not the cause of threat.

If you are offended by anything in this post, I invite you to criticize the words that offend you. Reveal facts that disprove them, and I will change my mind, because I am a scientist, and want nothing more than to disprove what is false so that I can know what is true. If you can prove something I have posted is false, I will be deeply grateful for it. I have done so on multiple occasions on chain, which you can see for yourself, and know this is the truth so that you can count on that benefit of attacking my statements to result from telling me the truth when I am misled.

I hope you do. I want desperately to be wrong about the coming destruction of society by barbaric and savage zealots torturing free people to death for knowing facts. Perhaps if you teeter on the precipice of joining that cult, seeking to prove me wrong will enable you to escape it's clutches.


imagine unironically citing /pol/ for your news and information and having the gall to use Tienanmen square as your stupid advertisement banner at the bottom.

We really are in a bizarro world.


who's that hottie? 🥰

Why should it matter where facts are sourced? What matters is whether they are facts. The chans are amongst the last bastions of free speech online today, available to the deranged and the rational alike. I am unafraid of words, no matter their source, and devoted to the truth wherever I can find it.

As to that hero whom I admire and intend to emulate, who better than a man whose love of his people compelled him to offer his fragile person as a barrier to the iron doom coming to end their lives? You do not know me, and it is revelatory of you that you would deride my choice of heroes without any information about what I have faced, or hidden from.

Your words reveal only you, and my own, and my heroes, reveal me.

That your impotent rage is directed at me reveals you do indeed live in Bizarro world, attacking your defenders, while defending your attackers. Have a read at @perceptualflaws post today and consider who your friends really are. They aren't those that would use you, but those that would set you free.

Why should it matter where facts are sourced? What matters is whether they are facts.

My thoughts exactly. Carry on, weirdo!

Have a read at @perceptualflaws post today and consider who your friends really are.

All I saw was some novel about sexual identities, and I'm not gonna read that. Who are you telling me who my friends are, by the way? Do you know my friends?

"... consider who your friends really are."

"Who are you telling me who my friends are...?"

Why do you accuse me of that which I am actually seeking to enable you to be defended from?

You don't live in Bizarro world - you impose it.



Are you unable to read?

What power do I possess that imposes anything over you?

Why are you here? Have you nothing better to do than to beat your head against reality on my watch? Shoo.

This systemic irrationality - and censorship of dissenting (rational) voices - is contagious, and spreading rapidly. It self-reinforces. Knowledge and logic breed more knowledge and logic, and the lack of them breeds more lack.
You're right about your understanding of what certain forces want to do with humanity. Where I may disagree with you is on the conclusion. Things are rough right now but we can't assume that's predictive of the ultimate outcome. Bitcoin is down right now but I don't assume it's headed toward zero. Humanity isn't a crypto, heh, but we're not headed toward zero either. Some people want that, but they haven't won yet!
That said, I've seen this clear trend for at least 20 years in the mainstream, which is about a whole generation. It's darkest before the dawn, so good times may be just around the corner, but just because it's really dark doesn't mean it can't get darker. We're probably not quite at bottom yet.

People are necessarily social animals, and our ability to support our people is admirable. The enemies of humanity use our best features against us, and if we fail to use our best features to defend us from manipulation, we will succumb to our doom. Reason and integrity are among the best weapons we have to defend our lives and freedom, and it is sad to see folks abandon their most powerful guns instead of sticking by them.

"We're probably not quite at bottom yet."

I think we're a long way from it. I am not joking when I speak of burnings at the stake, torture, and execution. Assange's torture is yet concealed, and when we see such men publicly destroyed while crowds cheer, we may glimpse that abyss society can descend into before seeking the light of truth.



Picking on little girls, denying that the change in climate is not influenced by our wasteful society? Guess you are entitled to your opinion.

That is why I was one of the first folks to invest in the infowars token on the steem-engine. This stuff... no matter how bizarro is this vitrial, as @berninator has described it, sells.

I am very pragmatic. I will indeed earn from those that like these type of posts to help push my own agenda.

The topic of your post has historically raised the ire of many though. Just a word of caution. Don't believe me? Ask @drakos. Don't worry about me. I don't attack people's post rewards just because I disagree with them. I save my down-votes/flags for spammers, vote farmers, serial plagiarists, pedophiles, pederasts, and those that abuse down-voting/flagging out of jealousy and/or just plain meanness.

Have a wonderful week. I would hope that we can agree to disagree in a civil and adult manner. Now I will go and work on another post which will feature my meetup with the @steemmonsters @splinterland folks in Philadelphia this past week.

Define 'picking on'. While you may grasp how to earn from posts, you may not be so competent to learn from them as long as your understanding of history and archeology is determined by institutions aggrandizing themselves via indoctrination and propaganda.

I reckon we can civilly discuss any issue, and expect you can ascertain that from my back catalog to your satisfaction. I am unconcerned with raising ire, in fact note that strong emotional response best facilitates overcoming cognitive dissonance and encourages rational people to change their minds when confronted with facts that disprove their prior assumptions, particularly assumptions made as children.

You consider your quest for remuneration pragmatic, while I have learned that society is far more valuable than mere monetary valuation is able to reflect. Like any other technology, money has it's uses. It is a truism that when all you have is a hammer, everything has to be treated as a nail. I expect that gaining experience will continually refine your understanding. The import and extent of that benefit will depend on your ability to change your mind.

Franky, I wish you would seek to change my mind rather than merely dismissing what you feel are misunderstandings on my part. If you're right I want to know that I am wrong, so I can change my mind and agree with you. I'd appreciate that much more than an upvote, since I would benefit far more from better understanding than more money.

Be well.

You have your truth. I do take exception to you describing me as one that is set in his ways. That is my perception of your response to my comment.

Actually, I have a long standing reputation, reflected by my interactions on this platform, as readily changing my views when factual information has proven my position wrong. I will admit to being hot-headed as well as stubborn, but your facts don't add up.

I belong to neither a right-wing philosophy or a left-wing philosophy. I am also very wary of conspiracy theories.

Many strong views both along political and religious lines I was indoctrinated into I have since forsaken. Wealth indeed is a tool to accomplish and put forward an agenda. That should be understood as this is a Delegated Proof of Stake platform.

The more the stake one has, the more influence. It is just that simple. Therefore; if I wish to be heard, I will indeed seek to have a large stake in whichever TRIBE, Community, or platform where I share my views.

I do perceive your tone to be quite condescending in your response to my comment. That is fine, whatever floats your boat. Have a nice week.

I am expecting a dangerous backlash in the future I am telling you. This whole crusade to demonize men and force young boys to wear girls' dresses is not going to end well.

ps: use infowars as a tag in the future if you can, a tribe is already set.

I note the testosterone in Western men has declined by >60% in two generations. Reduced resistance is a known result of chemical castration, and that existential harm done us is nearly total already. The backlash will be concomitantly reduced by the feminization that has been inflicted on free men.

There will be a backlash, but it is being directed through the Hegelian Dialectic already. Nazis, Eco-fascists, Alt-right, and institutions of every kind are deployed to seduce people into supporting through the various vectors they are susceptible to institutional power that is controlled across the political landscape by the core bankster cabal.

In fact, ongoing technological development already avails us of the power to effect our own quality of life with means of production suitable to individual ownership. 3D printing, CRISPR, cryptocurrency, mesh networks, aquaponics, and on and on, the list of decentralized means of production continues to grow and be developed. If we would be free men, we will have to make our freedom and provide our quality of life ourselves. If we remain dependent on centralized industry controlled by institutions, we will get what they give us, and we can see what that will be from what it is offering us today.

I use #informationwar on every post, because every post I make is regarding information that can increase our freedom. I use only 5 tags on each post. I recommend that rather than excluding folks that don't cram their content into a specific tag, Infowars reach out to include relevant tags, particularly #informationwar, which is simply infowar spelled out.



Time will tell, people should not complain in the future when Mr wolf who lives nearby decides to join the sheep and play the game of who is going to eat who.

I usually do not speak about this issue with people, because I always end up in a situation where emotions are far more important than facts. That's what happens when a nation does not strive to something greater and decides instead that boys wearing girl's dresses is the next breakthrough in human evolution. Throughout history, these kinds of human ideas always appear when a civilization arrives at its peak before falling. Things have changed, now the coward and the weak will have more chance to survive than the strong and brave, why you need testosterone?


There is a belief in political studies (especially realism) that in order to survive in the international area, a country needs to have a fierce and strong foreign policy (pro-war). As if peace is a dangerous thing for the survival of the nation. I am more interested here about peace than war though. Each time a civilization reaches its peak, we can see that the same things appear and cause its fall. If a nation does not have big goals, it will start to rot from the inside.

Maybe the western world has an identity crisis because outside Christianity, there is nothing really that can dictate if something is bad or good. How can we define really if something is acceptable or not? what is the difference really between a pedophile and a homosexual or a serial killer? Because in the eyes of Mother Nature, they are all just organisms. With this mentality, you can expect atrocities to become the new norms easy.

I think not having a higher cause, and a definite way to define what is right and wrong will is a big problem. You can make anything legal as long as there enough people supporting it. Unfortunately, the majority is not always right, but this is the price to pay for democracy I guess.

Forcing boys to act like girls is just the beginning, perversion does not have a limit


"...peace is a dangerous thing for the survival of the nation."

This is demonstrably true, as you pointed out in a previous comment. IIRC, you related the aphorism that hard times breed strong men who create good times which breeds weak men who create hard times. Historically, humanity has been strongly intersocietally competitive. War is a profoundly important feature of our species, and strongly favors eusociality. However, intrasocial competition notably encourages asociality, and even psychopathy, so tension between individuality and eusociality is continually maintained, if variable due to circumstances.

Notably, globalism is a consolidation of society, and while dependent on eusociality and war for it's success, reduces the encouragement of eusociality by potentially eliminating intersocietal competition, which overwhelmingly encourages individuality since intrasocietal competition then becomes the primary evolutionary force affecting socialization. Further, tech advance currently increases decentralization of means of production, nearly ubiquitously across industry. Physics isn't psychologically manipulable, and institutional controls aren't potential of what tech is possible.

Absent extinction, the advance of technology will render institutional power obsolete. I note the assumed genocide of ~7 billion people that is a central pillar of the ongoing globalization, and point out that such existential societal upheaval will strongly favor the most powerful individuals, which ever more depends on possession of means of production. While I can't possibly predict how this will play out, I can see no way this plays out without violent oppression, war, and genocide.

For this reason I have long strongly encouraged folks to adopt such means of production suitable to their circumstances, and of late try to encourage expedited adoption of all means potentially able to produce the necessities for survival, beyond consideration of quality of life.

There will be blood.

Really great post VC, I'm sorry I didn't get
to it in time to curate it. Ginabot failed me
which is strange tbh, would've resteemed.
There's def an agenda to crank out less men.

What do you make of the knowledge problem
in communist/socialist communities? Would
that problem exist in your ideal community, or
would your ideal be free-market based? Do you
still do discord, or didja stop using that?

I'm happy you found it useful. The problem with folks that are content being told what to think and do, is that when they're not profitable to possess as slaves anymore, they're easily terminated. I'm sure we can all relate to folks that were very supportive in their community of a particular project, virtue signaling, but that later were hung by that petard.

It's a natural human trait to conceal oneself in the guise of those you most fear. It's what drives dissemblance everywhere, and why it's so pointless to erect governmental or other durable institutions, since criminals are as drawn to such fonts of power as guilty consciences are to virtue signaling. I don't really have a plan for a perfect society, except that folks that are competent to defend their selves, families, and communities are going to prevent depredations by gangs calling themselves authorities. Today roughly half the production of American civilians, and more or less around the world, is seized by corrupt institutions because we don't have access to modern security mechanisms. We who are neither sheeple nor overlords would keep our wealth if we could, and I anticipate we soon will. I don't think that is allowed, but we'll do it anyway.

I expect a global pogrom to continue to burgeon from today. A lot of folks don't realize it, but there are riots in the streets from Chile to China, and this is the expected outcome of globalist imposition of austerity measures necessary to concentrate civilians in cities, or the globalists don't deserve the name. There is a necessary process of genocide, and the first order of the business is to get your ducks in a row; your crabs in the bucket. Once the fish are in the barrel, shooting them is easy.

Folks that can maintain necessary goods and services by their own productive efforts, and also effect their security in the conduct of their affairs, can put the kibosh on that only as long as open warfare on them isn't undertaken, but I expect that war will be. Then those capable to prevailing over military conquest will prove key to whether globalists are successful in corralling all humanity into sexless herds, or whether they gradually lose the power to prosecute genocidal war altogether.

I don't really see an ideal society anywhere in the near future as a result. Survival of free people is all I dare hope.

As to Discord, I've not used it going on a year now I guess. It's just too much for my undisciplined social nature. Too many channels, too many groups demanding attention in real time to leave any time for anything else. Steem is bad enough LOL, and it's turn-based.


Thank you for your reply! I just learned about the knowledge problem in socialist and Marxist/Communist systems of government. It was actually pretty shocking to learn about. I mean I knew I disliked communism and socialism because of the theft factor of it which is inherently grimy, but now I think I know why they always fail and it's because the free market carries with it the wisdom of the crowd which cannot be harnessed when central planning stymies it. I feel you about discord, it really is a time sink! If you didn't know about the knowledge problem before, I think you'd be pretty impressed with it.

The video you linked is highly relevant to institutions, which are all too susceptible to leadership failure. However, while individuals can seek the wisdom of the crowd, being subject to the whims of some despot or majority of society instead of being absolutely sovereign is horribly abhorrent. One aspect of how communist countries fail is by being so despotic that individuals become completely averse to the imposition from above of the conduct of their affairs.

Everyone became a saboteur in the USSR, while in China during the Great Leap Forward, the obedience of the masses serially doomed them to the consequences of the knowledge problem, which was mass starvation.

Freedom is necessary to prosperity.


The age of men is over

While things do look bleak, a much wiser man than myself said

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

There is a culling blowing our way. Many of the weaker men will indeed be destroyed in its path. Left in its wake will be the men who were already strong, and those men who were forged into strength by the hard times coming.

It is a hard road indeed than none travel to it's end. I share your anticipation humanity will remain competent to effect their sovereign lives. I am not without doubt, however. Like Perseus facing the Hydra, a daunting enemy with many slavering maws, each capable of snapping us up and feeding on our strength is before us, and only fools do not fear defeat by such potent enemies.

I wish my thoughts were open, so that my experiences could inform others, particularly my sons, for whom I will defy any. I know your own courage will empower you to stand on a firm foundation of reason and will, no matter the lies and terrors intent on your subjugation. I cannot thank you enough for that. but...



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