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RE: Back to the Bad Old Days: the Return of the Inquisition

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Really great post VC, I'm sorry I didn't get
to it in time to curate it. Ginabot failed me
which is strange tbh, would've resteemed.
There's def an agenda to crank out less men.

What do you make of the knowledge problem
in communist/socialist communities? Would
that problem exist in your ideal community, or
would your ideal be free-market based? Do you
still do discord, or didja stop using that?


I'm happy you found it useful. The problem with folks that are content being told what to think and do, is that when they're not profitable to possess as slaves anymore, they're easily terminated. I'm sure we can all relate to folks that were very supportive in their community of a particular project, virtue signaling, but that later were hung by that petard.

It's a natural human trait to conceal oneself in the guise of those you most fear. It's what drives dissemblance everywhere, and why it's so pointless to erect governmental or other durable institutions, since criminals are as drawn to such fonts of power as guilty consciences are to virtue signaling. I don't really have a plan for a perfect society, except that folks that are competent to defend their selves, families, and communities are going to prevent depredations by gangs calling themselves authorities. Today roughly half the production of American civilians, and more or less around the world, is seized by corrupt institutions because we don't have access to modern security mechanisms. We who are neither sheeple nor overlords would keep our wealth if we could, and I anticipate we soon will. I don't think that is allowed, but we'll do it anyway.

I expect a global pogrom to continue to burgeon from today. A lot of folks don't realize it, but there are riots in the streets from Chile to China, and this is the expected outcome of globalist imposition of austerity measures necessary to concentrate civilians in cities, or the globalists don't deserve the name. There is a necessary process of genocide, and the first order of the business is to get your ducks in a row; your crabs in the bucket. Once the fish are in the barrel, shooting them is easy.

Folks that can maintain necessary goods and services by their own productive efforts, and also effect their security in the conduct of their affairs, can put the kibosh on that only as long as open warfare on them isn't undertaken, but I expect that war will be. Then those capable to prevailing over military conquest will prove key to whether globalists are successful in corralling all humanity into sexless herds, or whether they gradually lose the power to prosecute genocidal war altogether.

I don't really see an ideal society anywhere in the near future as a result. Survival of free people is all I dare hope.

As to Discord, I've not used it going on a year now I guess. It's just too much for my undisciplined social nature. Too many channels, too many groups demanding attention in real time to leave any time for anything else. Steem is bad enough LOL, and it's turn-based.


Thank you for your reply! I just learned about the knowledge problem in socialist and Marxist/Communist systems of government. It was actually pretty shocking to learn about. I mean I knew I disliked communism and socialism because of the theft factor of it which is inherently grimy, but now I think I know why they always fail and it's because the free market carries with it the wisdom of the crowd which cannot be harnessed when central planning stymies it. I feel you about discord, it really is a time sink! If you didn't know about the knowledge problem before, I think you'd be pretty impressed with it.

The video you linked is highly relevant to institutions, which are all too susceptible to leadership failure. However, while individuals can seek the wisdom of the crowd, being subject to the whims of some despot or majority of society instead of being absolutely sovereign is horribly abhorrent. One aspect of how communist countries fail is by being so despotic that individuals become completely averse to the imposition from above of the conduct of their affairs.

Everyone became a saboteur in the USSR, while in China during the Great Leap Forward, the obedience of the masses serially doomed them to the consequences of the knowledge problem, which was mass starvation.

Freedom is necessary to prosperity.