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RE: Back to the Bad Old Days: the Return of the Inquisition

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Picking on little girls, denying that the change in climate is not influenced by our wasteful society? Guess you are entitled to your opinion.

That is why I was one of the first folks to invest in the infowars token on the steem-engine. This stuff... no matter how bizarro is this vitrial, as @berninator has described it, sells.

I am very pragmatic. I will indeed earn from those that like these type of posts to help push my own agenda.

The topic of your post has historically raised the ire of many though. Just a word of caution. Don't believe me? Ask @drakos. Don't worry about me. I don't attack people's post rewards just because I disagree with them. I save my down-votes/flags for spammers, vote farmers, serial plagiarists, pedophiles, pederasts, and those that abuse down-voting/flagging out of jealousy and/or just plain meanness.

Have a wonderful week. I would hope that we can agree to disagree in a civil and adult manner. Now I will go and work on another post which will feature my meetup with the @steemmonsters @splinterland folks in Philadelphia this past week.


Define 'picking on'. While you may grasp how to earn from posts, you may not be so competent to learn from them as long as your understanding of history and archeology is determined by institutions aggrandizing themselves via indoctrination and propaganda.

I reckon we can civilly discuss any issue, and expect you can ascertain that from my back catalog to your satisfaction. I am unconcerned with raising ire, in fact note that strong emotional response best facilitates overcoming cognitive dissonance and encourages rational people to change their minds when confronted with facts that disprove their prior assumptions, particularly assumptions made as children.

You consider your quest for remuneration pragmatic, while I have learned that society is far more valuable than mere monetary valuation is able to reflect. Like any other technology, money has it's uses. It is a truism that when all you have is a hammer, everything has to be treated as a nail. I expect that gaining experience will continually refine your understanding. The import and extent of that benefit will depend on your ability to change your mind.

Franky, I wish you would seek to change my mind rather than merely dismissing what you feel are misunderstandings on my part. If you're right I want to know that I am wrong, so I can change my mind and agree with you. I'd appreciate that much more than an upvote, since I would benefit far more from better understanding than more money.

Be well.

You have your truth. I do take exception to you describing me as one that is set in his ways. That is my perception of your response to my comment.

Actually, I have a long standing reputation, reflected by my interactions on this platform, as readily changing my views when factual information has proven my position wrong. I will admit to being hot-headed as well as stubborn, but your facts don't add up.

I belong to neither a right-wing philosophy or a left-wing philosophy. I am also very wary of conspiracy theories.

Many strong views both along political and religious lines I was indoctrinated into I have since forsaken. Wealth indeed is a tool to accomplish and put forward an agenda. That should be understood as this is a Delegated Proof of Stake platform.

The more the stake one has, the more influence. It is just that simple. Therefore; if I wish to be heard, I will indeed seek to have a large stake in whichever TRIBE, Community, or platform where I share my views.

I do perceive your tone to be quite condescending in your response to my comment. That is fine, whatever floats your boat. Have a nice week.