The invisible wall that the mobile phone has created

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The mobile phone is very useful. We all know how it can help connect us with the world and give us information in a second. So, yea, it can make us save time trying to search for stuff and even help us with our financial matters.

There are however Cons like any other thing in this world. Today morning, i read a WhatsApp status of a young girl in my contacts - "I go all the way to meet him and he is still busy with his friend" showing her dad busy with his smartphone. The message hit directly because this is a problem we all face on a daily basis. She is a young girl who is working and took the trouble to visit her dad in another city. He does not even notice that his daughter is sitting across from him and instead of talking to her, he is busy scouring through messages on his mobile phone.


Little does he know that when he looks up, she would have flown away from the nest. What is the use of complaining that young people do not look after the old when the old themselves have not done so during their prime years?

Such is the sad state of affairs in today's world. People have become so selfish that they ignore even their own families and look forward to being entertained by the small gadget in their hands. The glitz and the glamour are more appealing but that too will fade away and as you might have noticed, the attention span of people has decreased so much during the past decade. it is not long before people lose the values of family and society and return to the state of the caveman. You might find this a bit savage but that is the truth.

Money is not the end all. Sadly, some people use their children to get views on media like YouTube, and unfortunately, some use baby monkeys and raise them and give them food and clothes. Snatching baby monkeys from their natural environment is cruel. When the monkeys grow, they are discarded and the monkeys are either killed by other wild monkeys or die from hunger because they have not learned how to search for food. Imagine the cruelty.

I just hope that people realize before it is too late that mobile and other such gadgets are to be used but with a limit. It is not that I am discouraging people to stop using mobile phones. We can certainly use it for receiving and making phone calls, checking emails and messages, or for financial transactions and such but holding it all the time in hand and taking it wherever you for 24 hours can not only be bad for our health but also affect relationships within the family and outside.


Tips to reduce the usage of mobile

  • Develop a hobby

  • Organise or partake in a meeting with family and friends in another location and have fun. It could be a walk in the park or woods with a person you like.

  • Use your spare time wisely and organize your house or living space

  • Volunteer for social programs and get to help others in need

  • Join Hive and start blogging. There are various apps under hive like @ecency @splinterlands @muterra and communities like Neoxian city, Mancave, Indiaunited, and BD community that help board new users and give them encouragement

Look away from the mobile and discover the real world. Yea, you can earn real money too. Not a joke.


Well said sayee.I totally agree with you. We should minimise using mobile phone. It's getting bad day by day. We have become slave of it.

The last tip is the best!

(The addictive part of these modern gadgets are difficult to manage for most users).

totally agree with you on that, I do think the best way to get away from gadgets is to keep yourself busy with things that are not related to the screen. Look at the harmony we are busy with the screens and every single line you did write on the post is really true sadly.

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