Is The Electric Car Another Hoax?

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There is a lot of truths in the video below: what has brought the planet down is an ideology after another and trying to apply formulas on a large scale in order to prosper from them. It only did wonders for a top 1% that taught us to borrow the future and accumulated an illusory wealth. Exactly, if we cease to cooperate with the system, their wealth goes up in smoke!

Look around and let's get real. Here is their latest trick: they promised us that the electric car is the vehicle of the future... really?

A single electric-car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds and manufacturing it requires mining and processing over 500,000 pounds of raw materials... Lithium battery production today accounts for about 40 percent of lithium mining and 25 percent of cobalt mining. In an all-battery future, global mining would have to expand by more than 200 percent for copper, by a minimum of 500 percent for lithium, graphite, and rare earths, and far more for cobalt. (link below)

The Insitute of Energy also implies that gas/oil is in fact better for the environment, though we wonder how they can even state this as the petroleum industry is behind so many well-documented disasters. This current scientific consensus has to be terminated!

But there are good news. Cold fusion is coming and its implementation will debut in 2025 if everything goes according to plan... IF.... But what is really needed to allow a full and radical takeover is that we change our mindset first, otherwise fusion will not be implemented broadly and rapidly enough. However, this is the construction of the Tokamak ever and if it is a success, we'll need 100s of them and that could take up to 20 more years.

So moving forward, our task to help the system become obsolete faster and in order to do so we ought to consider doing much less or even stop consuming for a while until we figure our way out of the dire planetary "waste conundrum". We just cannot continue like this. Talking of waste, there are 250 million tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste stored underground and globally which we need to get rid of -- one way or another.

We truly need to rethink our lifestyle from a to z and return to community lifestyle and only use technology to feed us until science fully recovers from all its blunders. And this may take a decade or two as too much data is either false or biased. But that's another story and it is going to be epic ride, folks... !!

Okay, today we just needed "to scream in horror" after finding out that the electric car is nothing but another and more aggressive way to destroy the environment

Terence McKenna - The Absurdity of Materialism


No, electric cars are not a hoax. There are actual cars on the road today that have electric engines that run on batteries.

(They were built courtesy of the capitalist system. You are welcome. They wouldn't be possible without money)

I see you are still taking evil horrible immoral money for your posts, you hypocrite!