Fast or... Die?

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We are not going to spend our time paraphrasing the countless websites out there preaching about the great benefit of fasting but merely wanted to share with you the experience of a man who refused to listen to the so-called experts, started his own research, and quite quickly understood that extreme fasting was the only choice left, along with anti-cancer nutrients.

In another video, he admits to also using allopathy, although the doctors gave him 3-6 months to live. But that was 2 years ago. So you decide but to us, it is clear that fasting did it all.

Stay in your lane... you are not a professional... just listen to "us"?

Another thing that saved him is his strong psyche as he would not accept the experts' verdict: sorry to say that you are already dead but we have excellent pain killers for you.

Refuting the prognosis is absolutely key to initiate healing. The speaker got increasingly interested in trying "extreme fasting" because some well-known doctors, and even a Nobel prize, were advocating for it, and he noticed that nothing was said about it in the mainstream as there are untested theories. What is understandable: no studies for extreme fasting haven't been funded so far, pharmaceuticals are not interested, it would be detrimental to their way to conduct business.

It tells a lot about the establishment and the "college degree monopoly". Indeed what would happen if all of a sudden the experts and professional beginners would wake up one day and hear that what they studied for didn't have any value anymore. The illusion we live in is so gargantuan that it will eventually engulf us all.

And it is not only bad for the medical field but the entire food industry, what if a majority of people got into the habit to start fasting 3 days weekly (or twice monthly) to eliminate their toxins? According to our research, it takes 3 days for the body to gear into self-detox, so 3 or 4 days at least is highly recommended. In our view. Fasting 7 days monthly could be even better, depending on food intake, but please do your own research.

The incentive is HUGE. Even the benefits of intermittent fasting are today encouraged by alternative sources.

Additionally, fasting proves the Terrain Theory correct and the Germ theory wrong. The Terrain Theory is mainly the science to detoxify the body so that it can heal itself, while the Germ Theory is fighting bacteria and toxins intrusion with cures that often have serious side-effects. Wikipedia has a page declaring that the Terrain Theory is pseudoscience!

The medical field will not be able to save itself from the monster hurricane that is coming. No "if" but... "when".

The Nobel Prize for the science of fasting was awarded in 2016... and fasting has been advocated by many spiritualists and shamans since ever... as a matter of fact, all religions recommend to cleanse the body going through a fast... think about that. Centuries of bad science are at stake!

The idea to make vaccination mandatory now seems even more dead wrong and so deeply unethical. Nature has made sure that we could not consume more than we needed --and be aware of what we put on our plates and ingest.

Stage 4 Cancer Success Story: You Have to See This!


For many years, Guy dealt with numerous health problems, including:
• Type II diabetes
• Hypertension
• High cholesterol
• Joint and bone pain
• Chronic inflammation
• Weight problems

There are two key takeaways:

  1. Prolonged fasting helps induce autophagy
  2. Low or no-calorie nutrients and herbs are vital along the way to increase the cancer-killing power of fasting

• Green tea
• Ginger
• Turmeric
• Pepper
• Salt
• Protein supplements
• Vegetables
• Garlic (whole and supplements)


The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology – ‘Discoveries of Mechanisms of Autophagy’
The benefits of fasting have long been celebrated for millennia: antiaging, illness prevention, and recovery – the list goes on. But the exact mechanisms through which those benefits were produced weren’t known. So fasting was relegated to fringe health circles and religious groups for most of modern history.

In an interview for the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ohsumi said that as research into autophagy has increased, “it’s become clear that (autophagy) is not simply a response to starvation,” but that it contributes to a wide range of functions including “inhibiting cancer cells, aging, eliminating pathogens, and cleaning the inside of cells.”

This is why you’re hearing about new applications for fasting almost every day on mainstream and alternative health publications alike. But the second Nobel Prize related to fasting had an equal-yet-different impact on our food timing.