COVID Doctors May Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Code

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The origins of the crisis are hidden within each of us, and without reconnecting with one's heart, beauty, and developing the gift to others, technology will become increasingly enslaving, just look at the trend, it's pretty obvious.

Without science being at the service of the heart, we are toast. Yes, folks, that's the ultimate lesson here.

Yesterday we happened to analyze this trend of people who tend to promote that we need to focus on the positive to change the world, and while we may agree with this approach, the latter is also extremely misguiding because only those fully aware are going to make sure that the old patterns do not resurface. Positive thinking when not supported by the appropriate knowledge is really something we have to avoid saying to those less aware because people will tend to keep up with the same merry ways that have caused the hijacking of the planet.

Expecting to be ignorant and live in eternal bliss is a mindset that really needs to be put to rest!

We keep coming across people perfectly noticing what is happening but still will not help spread the word because they are afraid of being tagged as "deniers", or in the lesser case, fear that they will isolate themselves as their friends could delete them from their contact lists. We are not here to judge anybody but let's repeat that again... It has n-e-v-e-r been a better time in the entire history of our civilization to win back the freedom that was taken from us thousands of years ago.

In other words, it is now or never. And each of us can do something at his/her own level.

Now this said, we have read that several countries are bracing themselves for legal actions, even though they may still appeal. We'll see how it is going to pan out but already sense that the situation is looking more and more like a "house of cards"... stay tuned!

VIDEO AT THE LINK: Why COVID Doctors May Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Code March 31, 2021
An increasing focus among lawyers filing lawsuits against perpetrators of the COVID19 mass vaccination debacle are prosecutions of doctors violating the international Nuremberg Code. Here, we examine what the Code requires of all medical doctors. In a recent video, Immunology expert Dr. Dolores Cahill and Trial attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich discussed specific adverse outcomes – some deadly – triggered by injection of the genetically modified and reprogrammed coronavirus mRNA jab (described erroneously as a vaccine – it isn’t!).

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