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Not that anyone probably noticed, but I was away for a little over a month. I needed a break from all social media. I did poke my head in now and then to read an occasional post, but that was it.

Making a big shift in my presence here on Hive moving forward, which includes powering down this account, shutting it down, and creating a new one. I plan to start from scratch. More to follow on this.

It will be a couple more weeks before I am back posting regularly again as I am still taking a break from social and doing some physical and mentaal inventory and recovery, along with lots of business and work stuff going on.

Anyway, ready to come back, with my new polished (but rough around the edges) REAL ME! The best thing is that I know I need to bring a better content game to the plate and I will.

Nuff said. Until next time.


You ok?

Yeah, just had some long running health issues still recovering from, lots of stuff going on business wise. Just wanted to refresh mentally, do some self-healing. I'll be back at in in a couple weeks. More to follow.

Thanks for stopping by and good hearing from you. Hope all is well with you.

I'm ok. Been better. Just touch base and let me know.

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Do you have a new handle in mind or?

It's gonna be @joerhino

It will be a week or two before I start doing anything with the new account though. Still taking my fiesta.

Thanks for stopping in. Hope all is well with you.